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Tesla WYE 85W Single 18650 Battery VW VWC TC TCR Regulated APV MOD


Tesla WYE 85W Single 18650 Battery VW VWC TC TCR Regulated APV MOD

We want to start out by thanking our friends at sourcemore.com, this device was given to us by them for this review; we want to thank them for this opportunity to help insure the readers of this review are able to make a more informed decision.

Pronounced [wī] or [wăhy] or [Why]

  1. A support or other structure shaped like a Y, in particular.
  2. A unique awesome vaporizer by the Tesla Cigs Company prized by aliens.

First impression
The device is well packaged and even has a protective plastic film cover wrapped around the device. The devices light weight is realized before even opening the package. My (MOD only) boxed package weighed only 6 ounces. This device is Lightweight but extremely high in quality. Even though the APV has a non-metallic plastic case, it has a seamless look with only 2 small torx screws on top, 2 on the bottom and 2 inside the battery compartment holding the device together. The 510 and tank base, fire buttons, USB port and up down buttons all have been assembled with an almost seamless zero tolerance.

Space age Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)
The case has a smooth feel and is molded with TESLA CIGS on one side. The battery cover has 5 vent holes and WYE 85W molded onto the opposite side. It snaps closed with a high quality seamless look but has another vent slot used to open the battery compartment. Included is a spare black battery cover that has an artistic white paint splatter look to make your device unique and add contrast.

Not just a square Box
The case is slightly tapered and wider at the 510 so it easily accommodated a 25mm tank, by measurement it should accommodate a tank up to 25.5mm. The buttons are only slightly raised but easy to find and have a good tactile click. The fire button is large, round and comfortable. The display is fairly small at only 6mm X 22mm but it has all the necessary information on it and then some, it even shows the battery percent remaining next to the usual battery graphic.

Power it ON!
When I first put the batteries in, it seems I remember clicking the fire button 5 times and the device booted, it showed the Tesla ‘T’ logo and powered up. I think it did anyhow, since that time I cannot turn the device off, or on. Even installing batteries just turns it on. Five clicks just locks the device buttons and it goes to sleep. The instructions say 5 clicks on and off, but for my WYE that is not the case. Is it a con that you cannot turn the device off? Not to me, just lock the keys with 5 clicks; the display will go dark in 5 seconds. If the device is not locked the display goes dark in 30 seconds. Tap the fire button 2 times, the first click wakes it up, the 2nd click will show “Locked Click Fire 5X” if it is locked. At that point I know to click Fire 5 times if I want to vape. I wish it showed a device unlocked screen when I unlocked it.

WYE 85 With Baby Beast

Advanced Operation
The device is turned sideways to see the display upright; there are 3 buttons, [Fire] [Up] and [Down]. Press the Down button and tap the Fire button to lock just the Up - Down buttons, that way you can use the device but not accidently adjust the wattage or temperature. Tap the Fire button 5 times will lock all the buttons (Device Locked State), the device display will go out after a short 5 second delay, this is the same as being in power off state, you cannot adjust or fire the device until you tap the fire button 5 times again. You can still enter the settings with the Up Down buttons locked, but not if the device is locked. So with the device unlocked tap the fire button 3 times to start the adjustment mode, the coils ohms will be highlighted, choose each field with up-down and click fire to adjust: ohms, coil lock, Wattage (TC mode), Hard normal soft user power settings, coil wire type, selecting the battery shows the device information, and also M1 M2 and M3 Memory mode can be recalled or stored.

Model: Tesla WYE 85W APV
Weight: 54g (1.9oz)
Size: 82mm X 40mm X 25.7mm or 3.2in X 1.6in X 1.0in (measured)
Compatible Battery: Single high rate 18650 35A discharge
Power Output: 7 to 85W (in 0.5W increments)
Resistance range: 0.1 to 3.0ohms (VW), 0.05 to1.0ohm (TC)
Temperature range: 100° to 300°C / 200° to 600°F
Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic, and Stainless Steel (SS).
Thread Type: Standard 510 threaded connection, stainless steel base
Vape modes: Variable Wattage (VW), Variable Wattage Curve (VWC), Temperature Control (TC), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR)
KA (VW) / TC-SS316 / TC-Ni200 / TC-Ti / TCR
TCR Memory mode: M1 / M2 / M3
Charging: 5V 1A AC/USB
Colors: Red, Green, White, Black, Yellow, Cyan

Box Contents (Box MOD Only):
1 x Extra Battery Cover
1 x USB Cable
1 x Multilanguage User manual English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Chinese.
1 x QC Certificate
1 x Battery safety card

Pros & Cons:

Why WYE?
If you are looking for a single battery, lightweight, well made, compact, full featured Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV), look no further, the WYE is perfect. The package is oozing with quality, you can see it in the device, even the manual and USB cable is much higher quality than most vapers are used to seeing. The WYE does great in TC and TCR modes (no pulsing), the power mode with 3 “flavor” power levels, and variable power curve makes it an extremely customizable and versatile device. The single 18650 battery does great with a low power tank or even possibly single coil RDA or RTA. It seems very efficient compared to my other single 18650 APVs and at the same time it has many more advanced features than what I’m used to, and those features all work very, very well. The spare splattered black battery cover insures your device will be one of a kind as they are each unique. The construction joints are all either nonexistent or so tight they cannot be seen, like our Inca stonework. If you like chips, this device has a board full of High-tech WYE microchips said to be some of the highest quality around, and that might explain the smooth TC operation.

WYE not?
This is a single 18650 APV Box MOD, and it needs a 35A high discharge battery to use the full power of the device. If you are using high power attachments with multiple coils I suggest shopping for a larger dual or even triple battery MOD. Battery life may become an issue with a large RTA if it draws a lot of power. Also this device has a small display; my eyes are just bad enough that I need to wear my glasses to read the tiny numbers, so if your vision is impaired we may need a larger display device. There is no puff counter on the WYE; I guess you could track your puffs with an external tally counter if you really need that function. There are also some quirks with the display timing that if I were the programmer I would fix, in my opinion there is not a reason to display information during the puff without pausing it on the screen long enough to view after your puff. And lastly, all batteries in the entire world go positive side upward except WYE, so I suggest using white or black paint to re-mark the battery orientation inside the battery compartment.

Sourcemore.com made us a special coupon code: “ALIEN8”
Use this code for 8% off. So the discounted price is only $35.60 with worldwide free shipping.
Here is the product link: https://www.sourcemore.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=JTD000500&utm_source=CTELR&utm_medium=forum

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Thank you for the review. Enjoyed the in-depth-ness (is that a word?).
But the case looks like one of those sleeves sold on Ebay.


Thank you, the case has a very silky smooth feel, nothing like a silicone rubber sleeve, more like a powdered baby’s butt :baby:


Excellent review. Great read. Thanks!


Thanks @SmilingOgre you are the best, I was going to wait till you run charts on this device and cheat. I found the TC smooth, but don’t really know how accurate it is. I’m thinking you will find it runs low.
I liked the VWC, but I liked Legend as much or at least as well. You should get one of these for its small size, light weight and good functionality. You would like it if you can find it in the folds of your paw.


That is hysterical! I do have rather large clumsy paws. From what I have heard the Telsa chip is a decent chip. I don’t have any as of yet. I hear tale that another vendor is sending a Telsa (different model) but with that vendor I never know. Sometimes they remember. Sometimes they forget, lol. Per your recommendation it is very tempting.


I have the 200w version of wye, and its just wonderful, coming from an sudden death revenger, this wye fires instantly. Even the tc tested on my triple fused clapton ni80 on ni200 tc its working flawesly. Very light, easy menu, big fire button, for the money you pay you cannot go wrong.


Great, thanks for reading and commenting here. I think this little WYE 85 does great and at the price and the functionality you can’t go wrong. The WYE 85 is so light and pocket friendly. :smile:


Well done!! Thanks for the Review!!


Thanks for taking the time to read it!


Have you tried the Wismec Sinuous P80? How does it compare?


No I have not tried that http://www.wismec.com/product/sinuous-p80-with-elabo-mini-kit/ , it looks like a fine device but I’d bet it is allot different than the WYE 85, The battery life is going to be about the same but I almost guarentee WYE 85 will be lighter.


Yeah for sure the P80 weighs 95g, but what I like is the whole front face is the fire button so no matter how you pick it up it’s easy to fire.


That is kinda neat, I like the long fire button on Smok Alien and T-Priv 3. That looks even more unique that the display is part of the fire button. :smile: