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Testing Mothers milk steeping process


With all the talk around steeping and various methods used to obtain the optimum flavour, especially true with mothers milk/ custard bases, I thought I would experiment myself.
My choice of recipe is the leaked unicorn milk, http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/255064/INTERNAL+LEAK+OF+CUTWOOK+UNICORN+MILK

Omitting the fruit notes I mixed up 120 ml of the custard base, vg and pg, using one of these heated milk frothers for 20 minutes.

I will leave uncovered in a dark, warm cupboard overnight then I will put the lid on and leave alone for 2 weeks.
My plan then is to add the strawberry, whisk to a foam then leave again, covered for a week before taste testing.
If I feel it is there or thereabouts I will add the nicotine and mix again.
My thought process behind this is to get the perfect custard base flavour and then by adding the strawberry at a later date the fruit won’t be as muted in the mix.
Again by omitting the nicotine at the early stages will hopefully ensure that the full flavour profile will be there and there will be no degrading of the nicotine?
I will keep you all updated with my results and thoughts.
If you want to chip in and offer opinions or advice then please fire away!


Interesting experiment - Will be interested in hearing your findings. Will you compare it to a mix with the fruits in it, made at the same time?


@Daath yes I will compare my findings to a mixed unicorn milk that I will steep by simply frothing all ingredients, as I normally do, and leave for 4 weeks.
My actual thoughts behind this are that if you were to make a convential home made custard, you would only add any fruit at the end of the cooking process.
Like a few others have pointed out, although you can taste the strawberry/ fruit of choice, it does appear muted by the custard base a bit?
Also I will be interested to see if by omitting the nicotine until the last stage will make much of a difference to the overall taste profile?
If it does, as I suspect, then I will probably mix all my recipes using this method.


I have done similar.
I always have at LEAST 120ml of my DaMomma’s Vanilla Custard on hand, steeped
for 1-2 months. When I have a knack for some fruit, I’ll pour some into a new bottle with some
strawberry, blueberry, lemon, whatever. Works great for me.


@Chewy, this is a good idea to aid in a faster-steeped custard. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

I recently made a big batch of Third World Custard by ThirdWorldOrder. Well made it in early January I think it was. I vaped a couple tanks and fell in love, but I thought it would be a great base for a variety of custard blends so I made a flavor only base. This allows flavor molecules to marry but does little to help with steeping once you use that in a fresh mix.

I have, however, made cream bases where I mix with PG and VG in ratios I would use for a final vape, leaving only that ratio to be altered slightly by the addition of my nic and other flavors. Then again I’m very easy going when it comes to the final PG/VG ratio - 35/65 is just as ok to me as 30/70. Depending on the added ingredients once this has steeped out, the final juice mix could be ready to vape immediately after making a mix with the base, or it could be limited to the time those ingredients normally steep. Either way, unless you’re adding something like tobacco, chocolates, coffees, or some of the bakeries, most will be ready to rock in just a couple days or so.

That said, I will share that about 3 weeks ago I took some Medicine Flower samples I had and mixed them with PG to achieve 10% flavoring dilutions. Just last night I mixed a bottle of strawberry using 20% of the dilution I had made (so 2% original flavor). I tried it right after mixing and it was already good and steeped (meaning the usual rough edges were gone) and tasted as though the entire mix had steeped the 3 weeks. Now this isn’t something I plan to do with a lot of those or other flavors, but I will say that this experience has shown me - for MF Strawberry at least - that the dilution in PG and time will achieve the steeping effect. But at the same time, this is a single flavor mix and I imagine if using two or more diluted flavors that had sat a while you’d probably have that smoothness, but flavor would still not be “finished” as those new flavor molecules would not be conjoined yet.

Do be sure to let us know the results of your experiments.


@Alisa. That sounds great! Did you notice any flavour differences?

@SthrnMixer, great minds and all that!
That was my first thought believe it or not.
I was going to mix up 100ml of the custard base flavour and then add that at 15% to the vg/pg base and steep.
My initial reasoning being that,as you mentioned, the flavours would have blended together before steeping and obviously the ease of just adding the flavour concentrate when mixing.
From a rational perspective I suspect this is how the big boys produce their liquids. Obviously on a far larger scale.

I also have to add that the milk frother/ heater just process worked out very well.
The only drawback being that the frother would cut out after a couple of minutes, which was no biggie as I was on hand mixing my other liquids.
This could be a cheaper alternative method for anyone looking for a mixer/ heating process.


I stumbled upon this thread and am wondering if you ever successfully finished this experiment and how did it turn out?


Yes still mix this way if it involves creams/ custards with fruit.
I have even gone as far as mixing the concentrates together as a one shot and using this method as it gives great control over adjustments in strength not to mention steep time.