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Tfa Peach and capella yellow peach


Hey guys I have tfa peach and capella yellow peach can I use these 2 to get a nice peach flavour or will I have to add different kind of peach like peach juicy for example if I can use just these 2 concentrates what percentage would yous recommend as I have never played about with peach yet . Thanks.


Try cap yellow peach at 4-5%, and if you have some flavour art fresh fig add that in at 0.5% to add a little depth to the peach, I haven’t tried tfa peach in a long time, Capella yellow peach meets all my limited peach needs lol


Ahh I don’t have fa fresh fig but 4-5% yellow peach it’s own should be OK?


Try it and see what you think, make 10-15 ml at 4% and try a little at 1 day, then again at 1 week, take notes on what you taste and what you think is missing from what you want in a peach. Do the same for the tfa peach and you should be able to tell how they will play together, I only really use peach to add complexity to mango, and always with some form of cream or custard mixed in, but for those purposes cap yellow peach works for me.


Peaches… reminds me of this video I saw today

I have a few peaches but none of which you have :smiley:
I recommend doing SFT before you start mixing, then take 2 or 3 10ml bottles and add the 2 in different ratios… when you get the flavor where you want, start playing with some sucralose, EM or Stevia if needed. A bit of EM, or cotton candy, can be used to bind the 2 together.


I have (JF) Honey Peach. Only peach I will ever need. Very versatile and I am only posting this, just in case you’re looking to expand on your peach flavors. The ones you’re using I have never worked with, I am sorry.


Thanks guys I’ll play around with them see how it goes I’ll make 10ml samples of each as stand alone to start with then start adding them together.


Why do you feel it necessary to use more than one peach?


Because single flavours imo as stand alone don’t really bring out good flavour. as I like a nice strong smooth flavour vape. Av tried alot of single flavours as stand alone and to me it’s not my sort of cup of tea :grinning:


I meant strong not strange :joy::joy:


You’re right; sometimes using a couple different vendors’ versions of the same flavor does enhance the flavor profile overall. Strawberry is notoriously weak and I’ve been blending them forever.


Yea strawberry is a hit and miss only strawberry I use in recipe’s is tfa strawberry ripe especially in a kiwi strawberry mix . But overall strawberry is probably one of weakest flavours out there .


Ok. I had assumed you were using peach in a recipe.