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The Clapton Tool


I been honing my skills with this Clapton tool. I am now spooling Clapton wire. Check this out.

57 inches of perfect Clapton wire. 32g over 28g kanthal.
Also while I’m here I’d like to show something kinda freaky. I been trying to come up with a new twisted wire combo. I haven’t tried this wire yet but I would like to share it.


That’s strange looking …probably be hard to wrap ! Wrap one up and post a pic !


You just helped me make a perfect clapton wire (8 inches of it) in about 1 minute! It was easily the best clapton I have made yet. Changed my build experience forever…


@NewDrip I did like your post haven’t built the tool yet might try it just now but too late at night to get the drill out… I was ghetto ing it up and using the tip of a pen. And doing 28 around 26 haha


Freaky looking new coil! :smiley:


@NewDrip @MixedUp1 what do you guys think?


Nice …how’s she vape ?


Like a peach delicious

Even took a video for you dude! Haha


Nice ! Decent cloudage !


goblin cloud


You’re right. Doesn’t wrap well at all. Back to the drawing board.


Looks nice but The Goblin is definitely the best, Hand down.




Thanks @45


Now I’m gonna really try out ur tool!!


Good luck @quitter1.


Figures I’m stuck @ work for a double!!!


More more, more toys.

Edit; I meant to say more money, more toys. Damn suggestive text… I need to turn it off.


I’ve been using a syringe instead of pipettes, just take the plunger out, feed the coiling wire through the body of the syringe then put the plunger back in. Keeps the tension while you wrap. Works a treat


What guage are you using? I modified mine also and I have one with a syringe with metal tips.