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The Clapton Tool


@NewDrip do you mind if i do a youtube video showing people how to make your clapton tool? you will well and truly be credited for this creation, I’m starting a youtube channel and i need small quick videos to build it up and because I’ve got such great use out of this thing i want to share it the same as you did with us bro?


please do. send a link when you’re done.


:thumbsup: you’re an absolute legend buddy, you got an instagram or anything i can share with folks?


No I haven’t signed up. We are all here to share. I have taken way more than I have given here, Thanks to the real legend @daath


I used a 10ml syringe and a 5ml. Both worked


Here’s the video of the Clapton tool I made. I hate to spam this all over the forum. Last one I promise haha

I thought it’s better off being in this thread


Ask and you shall receive. Yep @Aux another breakthrough, Fused Claptons with the Clapton Tool. I was thinking how to make the fused without them twisting all to hell. Then it came to me. Every video I’ve seen on fusing Claptons they always say load 2 Clapton wires in the drill chuck. So I thought just load 1 Clapton and bend it midway then load the other end into the chuck also, then it would be impossible for the wires to turn and twist and BOOM!!!, Perfect Fused Claptons. Just make sure to use less tension on the twisting wire than you would on a normal Clapton. Less is more in this case.

This will also work for fusing Heavy gauge wire (26g and lower) for a cool double wire Clapton.

Fused Claptons with the Clapton Tool


@NewDrip it won’t be long before china clones the tool u should get a patent Ha-ha???


You think they are watching?


They’re always watching :sunglasses:


Can you make a photo or short video of how to load your way? I can’t understand it from the text…


Make 1 Clapton wire (8-12 inches)

Fold the Clapton wire in half so they are parallel to one another and squeeze the folder end together with pliers.

Insert the opposite end into the drill chuck .

Wrap with a high gauge wire like you would a normal Clapton.

Make sure to use less tension on the wire you’re using to wrap the Clapton.
Also there may be some slight twisting of the end product, but it can easily untwisted by hand and when wrapping the coil.


That’s kinda meta. Claptonning a clapton :smile:


I’ve learned to make 3 types of Clapton wire. check these out. I’m working on a parallel 2 different gauges of wire on 1 Clapton wire.

Also couple coils I’ve been working on.

The first coil (a chimney coil) is for the lemo 2 when it arrive.


Parallel wrapped Clapton, 28g & 32g kanthal. I never seen this b4, but I’m sure somebody has done it. I’m tagging it Paraclap.


Can u get a closer pic I really wanna see the detail in that artwork??? It’s effing sweet!!!


That’s as good as I can get it. I did make a couple coils maybe more detail in those. 30g and 28g also 28g 32g.

Not perfect but I will get there. Once I perfect it I will post a how to. Looks like mummy wraps.

A matching pair ready to mount. 32g/28g kanthal in parallel over 24g nicrome 60, 2mm ID.


WOW really cool!!!


What kind of ohm reading are you getting on those two with the 7/8 wrap on 2mm?