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The Dead Thread


LOL … I just looked well he can move them over here :laughing:


Some of my favorite shows were at Washington RFK stadium
This one was one of the best
Set #1



Set # 2


During the intermission Kreutzmann had a Box with 4 or 5 Train Whistles on it and in the Dark
he blew that thing Real Loud and scared the living shit out of me … LOL
But we got to hear Casey Jones that night :+1:


The Dead must be spread ! There are those among us that don’t know they like the Dead , as they haven’t had the pleasure.This world could use a few more Dead Heads so I try to make it easy for them.:blush:


Right On … LOL… The Conversion must start somewhere… LOL :sunglasses:


Alrighty then ,Like most of us my Favorite changes depending on the time of day but Whiskey In The Jar is always on the list.


I love Whiskey in the jar … I also love the Thin Lizzy one to :+1:


Another favorite



The Wheel :+1:



Exactly both versions are wonderful , same as another one of my favorite songs Tennessee Jed.
Depends on the minute on whose rendition I like the best!


Good video check it out



Thanks for the share , never seen or heard that one before. I am sure there are many many more out there that I have yet to find. I am not a true Dead Head by any stretch just a person who loves the music and the message.


I started playing Drums at 12 years old. Then at 20 a buddy of mine said hey you got to check these guys out. They have 2 Drummers then the bus came by and I got on and thats where it all began for me … LOL




I couldn’t think of a better way to start than that! Wow , that must have been awesome!




LOL … I didn’t see them till I moved to VA. when I was 20 years old , so no I didn’t take off at 12


So was it a long strange trip?:grinning:
I know fire on the mountain was already posted but I like this version.:fist:


My favorite is pride of Cucamonga on this album :grin: mars album