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The Dead Thread


Feel free to post Pic’s, Tell stories of shows, Share your favorite T-shirt’s
Ok @Big_Benny_MI I’ll start it off with my personal Favorite


What're you listening to?

My all time fav GD song


Another nice one

As a matter of fact everything on American Beauty is great!


I got to see them 30 times live


I was at this Philly Show 1st time Live



Only a dozen for me, but oh man, were they all great!

Never caught an acoustic set, but would’ve loved to catch this live acoustic.


LOL… you were waiting for me to make this thread :grinning:




Tapping my fingers!!! :sunglasses:

Ummm, might gonna need a higher Like quota…


I was at this show 1st time they played it live in 8 years



My two absolute faves…

The studio version of Estimated Prophet got me interested


I would have loved to gone to this show



The Dead did studio? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:slight_smile: yeah, but most dyed-in-the-wool Dead Heads will deny it ever happened. In 1984 a close friend of mine gave me Terrapin Station for Christmas. I still have that vinyl too by the way. Honestly at that point I had never paid them much attention. To this day that record is one of my favorite things to listen to. Nostalgia? Possibly.




One of the Best shows I went to… Enjoy …Set 1



Set 2


I use to live in Newport News VA.


a damn fine cover

And because I hate that the video appears to have nothing to do with the artist here’s a link to the album on amazon


That is a good cover :+1:


Did you notice @BoyHowdy just posted 4 Dead videos to the “what are you listening to” thread instead of here (/hint, hint). What a noob that guy, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: