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The Dead Thread








This!! You can’t classify them.

They spanned Rock, County, Bluegrass, Blues, Spirituals, even some Discoesque tunes…

Just leave it at Jam Band!


This one is cool



Indeed it was , Thanks for the share! I wish they had that concert on film!

Right On! :fist:






This ones for @ozo



You will never be dead in this life if you love the Dead.


I listen to this on a regular basis…as an anthem.
Sometimes it gets down and dirty here at the home-front, and I need a boost to carry on.
I always have the Lord’s word, and I listen, but sometimes I need realtime sounds…live assurances,
something for my mind and ears to grasp…
When I am outside I always have the stereo cranked up in the shop…not a little system…
a 200 watt amp with 18" DJ speakers…horn tweeters…
The neighbors never complain, but they ALWAYS know when I have an animal burial when they hear the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.


I am blessed with the friendship of @Rob62
I fear he has gotten to know me well, beyond the doors that I allow others to open.
I still trust him.


I just saw that you were in a music mood so I deadicated Tennessee Jed to you … LOL
And Yes I also Value your Friendship God Bless




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Way cool are they for a DNA mod ?


may have to rework them some, They are 64x40 you have to change the file type. they fit Joytech mods if they are converted to BMP’s
I think DNA uses that size? the old DNA’s have the little display.


Cool Do you have a link for them ?


Right click them and save them to your hard drive, then convert them to Monochrome BMP in your MS Paint program, then upload them to your device


Way Cool Thank You :+1: