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The ELR Users Guide to Creating Your Flavor Stash


yeah awesome post mate, very informative…


hey grubby yu dont know me, but i know yu for your beautiful Strawberry Cream GM…i have to take a second and bow… such a beautifully balanced fruit n cream hitched with those two other favorites of mine Capella’s Graham Cracker and Capella’s Coconut…Great job mate i reckon ive been through 300ml easy now maybe more…thankyou so much…keep em coming, much respect
:smile: :strawberry: :ice_cream: :coconut:


Click on the Topic Control drop down list on the bottom of the thread and click Bookmark.


Thank you for your kind words I’m glad you enjoy it :smile:


Pin this!! Pure awesomeness! Good work!


Thanks for the help!



Thanks, it was helpful, I will use it in the next time @TorturedZen


Me too. I’m quite new to diy e-juice but haven’t bought any premium juice & haven’t vaped any either for over 2mths…since about a week after I got my 1st batch of flavours from Capella directly & started using ATF which lead me to elr & now I’m diy all the way, feel no need to buy premade premium eliquids when I have so many options by being a member of elr!


I did this, it works great :sunglasses: