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The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do


What was his name? I’m trying to find his recipes.


He deleted them (or made them private) from what I see. I posted one of the recipes in this thread tho but it’s private now.


Very true @phil_fish.


Thanks, my loss it seems.


Just on this subject can someone point me in the right direction of adding a new flavour to the system i got pure flavours and think i added them wrong and with the current sale of them at chefs they could start popping up more ? Best to get onto these things early


Specifically this one


Maybe his name is Don Ehere. But I doubt it.


It was Gill with a number behind it IIRC


Perhaps it’s a clever word game that non-native speakers like me don’t understand :smiley:


I think it’s a total shame that new people get upset and run off like this! In actuality if the database wasn’t so fouled up in the first place things such as this would not happen! I have read all the talk about it getting updated and fixed and until it does this is bound to happen again!
It is easier to add an incorrect flavoring to your stash than it is to wade through all the crap to find the right one! Even if you read right off the bottle in your hand it may not be in the database that way!
Wade through menthols or cotton candies or sweeteners or any of the shisha’s or the other thousands of choices one has when entering flavors to your stash! “pick the one with the most recipes” I say BS, fix the database! Sorry for the rant! Just my 2 cents!


Was this the same fella?


The only way to really fix the DB is to only allow certain flavor names from a pre-approved list of names by the admins. Any recipe that’s not properly formatted should not be allowed to be saved until it’s correctly formatted… and that’ll be headache for newer users. As long as you can type and save improperly formatted recipes, then you will have issues like we are currently addressing.


i think it sucks as well that the OP didnt stick around , but thats on them … I dont believe anything wrong was said to make anyone leave .


Bam, that’s it. Problem with that is, of course, an enormous burden on the staff, as well as sorting out how the thousands of existing recipes will be affected by a standardization. The answer would have been simple if this was done at first, but it’s completely understandable why the database was handed over to the community from the start. First off, was there a standard protocol in place from day one, and secondly, did anyone actually think this place would grow to host thousands of users and recipes? Likely not.

As it is now, staff and volunteers are actually working to try to make this less complicated, but until a full new system is implemented, this is what we have. And we understand that.

The real issue with this thread was that the user took umbrage with the tone of a reply he received, and decided to leave the community rather than just learn the intent and potentially help the database with talents he may have possessed. That’s a shame, but it isn’t the community’s nor the database’s fault.


yes it was thos person , you can see they got a warm welcoming and a couple atta boys , but when something didnt go the way they thought it should they left smdh …

anyway Roll tide Roll


Yep. Same guy I welcomed to the forum, just prior to him getting thin skin.


There are standardized names in the DB already. 90% of the time the correct name is already in the drop down list, but a lot of mixers just don’t search for it. If the flavor is in your stash than it’s usually near the top of drop down list.

When flavor names are merged then most recipes are auto updated at the time of the merge… as I have witnessed this with some of my own recipes. If only approved flavor names were in the drop down menu (eliminating the BS names on the list) then half the battle is won.

If there is no flavor name on the drop down list for whatever flavor you want to add, then it should be approved by an admin for addition to the DB.

Merging flavors don’t mean squat as long as mixers can type in any flavor name they want. That’s where the problem starts and that’s why it should end. You can see by the OP’s attitude that you can’t tell others shit if they don’t want the help.


Data here should be saved for nostalgia sake.

Moving forward the best way to do it would be to create a premium portion of the site for advanced or senior users. Creating its own data base as it develops.


It would be helpful, I think anyway, if there was a drop down of concentrate manufacturers rather than keystroke matching for flavors when you highlight or type in a blank flavor text box. More work to build that, I know. But at least you would be guided through a proper funnel until you hit the actual flavor you are trying to add to your stash or use in a recipe. Eliminates the need for the proper spelling, parenthesis, and other subtleties we need to learn to add a flavor properly. And then an option for if you can’t find it, which can generate a simple little form submitted to the staff for review.


Your question looked unanswered, lil bump bud, looks as tho (Pure Flavours) is being used by most already w/ a few "nice try but no cigar"s

At least a thread where someone can ask how to properly list a flavor. Topic name must be easy to find “How to properly list this new flavor” , hopefully tracked by moderators to at least give a thumbs up to suggestions offered.