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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


OH, and I made up 8 ounces of Pinkman, best estimate I could… I don’t care for it… It’s okay, but I don’t think I could go all day every day forever with this flavor… not a fan of bubble gum vape. The Heisenberg I made, tho… If I can keep consistent each batch, I think I’ve found my favorite flavor… I’m kind of surprised it’s one of my own recipes… all the others I’ve posted suck except for Toddle House… it’s my daughter’s all day every day vape… So out of 12 I have 2 winners so far… I’m happy with that. :slight_smile:


Now i c your point. OK. Uhm, from all concentrates you use I only got spearmint atm. Maybe next month I’ll get the others an have a try.


What flavour(s) is heisenberg?


I second this. I vape heisenberg from vv regularly. I recently picked up 70ml of concentrate in their black Friday sale whilst it had 30% off.
I’ve tried a few heisenberg including the vapours r us clone (which is fairly close) but none as good as vampire vapes. It’s such a fresh clean tasting vape.
There’s clear hints of anise and koolada or menthol to it. I’m yet to try a clone recipe that matches it but I will try the one posted in this thread as a comparison. When it comes to clones you need to nail one of the concentrates to know which company they use as more than likely they get all their flavourings from the same company.
I used vv blackcurrant concentrate as well and is by far the best blackcurrant I’ve tried but can’t find that same taste from tfa, fa, vapours r us or vapable. Haven’t tried inawera or capella yet though.


Have u seen this yet? There is another vv hb clone. But if my calculations are correct -considering prices for the concentrates in Germany- it won’t be cheaper than buying the vv concentrate. Only if I would mix up more than 1000ml…

@CloudMutilator sorry for discussing about vv hb. Maybe we should distinguish by adapting new terminology. VVHB vs. ALBQHB :wink:


VV Heisenberg is pretty much just blue alien, same colour, smell and everything. I havent had VV in about two years, not really my cup of tea. But anybody wants to clone it properly just buy blue alien and work your way from there as it is definately the main flavour in it.


Any further info on the Blue Alien concentrate?
Is it fruity or minty or both?


Both, as far as I am concerned it is Heisenberg as I remember it. It is a bit different vaping something with a pen @ about 8watts two years ago and then 50-60w with a dripped two years later to remember and compare well but as well as I am able it may be the whole recipe, if it isnt they have added very little at all, maybe sweetener, maybe some sweet fruit like tutti frutti but blue alien is the same colour, smell and taste as I remember it is as I would describe it a dark berry mouthwash with a menthol kick. Would be very interested for someone that vapes Heisenberg by vampire vapes presently to try it and compare


Thanks for the reply.
Was unsure as to whether it was a blueberry or blue raspberry based flavour but it looks as though it could be a mixed berry based concentrate?
Just ordered some from Germany so will try it out when it arrives.
You are probably correct about the sweetener as it seems to be the main go to for a lot of companies and having a very sweet tooth myself this could be right up my street? LOL
Have you tried any other of their flavours?


Yeah a few, have just wrote a brief review of ones I tried on here if you look for Sasami thread.Well I just remember the original Heisenberg seemed sweeter or fruitier when I tried it, but it may simply have been that vampire vapes was the first lot of flavours I tried that were not just standalone flavours


It seems to be (in the Capella flavors I have) Blueberry, Blueberry Jam, Green Apple, Jelly Candy, blue Raspbeerry cotton candy and one drop per 30ml of spearmint. There should be a link to the recipe someone converted for me up above… sorry I suck at this web design stuff. :slight_smile:


Naw, man… that’s what discussions are for… I just wanted to specify that I was talking about the ‘show’ HB versus the one in Europe. HBABQ and VVHB is a good comparison. I need to get a bottle of the concentrate, or the leftovers of someone’s and try it so I know what they’re tasting over there… Wouldn’t that be a kick if they are all very similar? This clone is pretty cheap in comparison to others. Also, I used the description of ‘A blue sno-cone with a ‘hint of menthol’’ which this achieves and more. Anyone vaping this recipe right now, knows what I’m talking about… I could probably market this stuff… it’s fab.


I’m gonna have to get me some cap concentrates. I’m used to the UK heisenberg but this recipe sounds great and probably very similar in flavour apart from the koolada and anise I think is in the UK one. Just received inw and fa flavours for a project I’m refining at the moment but think I’ll splash out and get some caps in next week to try this.


The Blue Alien arrived and promptly mixed up @5%, Sasamis recommended dose.
First impressions were it is almost the exact flavour profile.
Added 1% sweetener and 1% FA polar blast along with 0.5% INW blackcurrant.
Gave it a prolonged mix until it was all foamed up.
The extra sweetness brought the fruit more forward and the polar blast, which I love! Has added that extra menthol cooling bite to the back end, which the original has in abundance.
The blackcurrant really does add an extra berry depth but think I will sub with blueberry and compare but overall I am very pleased with this, and either this is the flavouring VV use or Sasami have cloned it?
it really is liquid crack!!! Lol


Awesome, glad somebody has tried it that has tried vampire vapes as its so long since i have I couldnt be 100% sure it was the same. Funny you mentioned polar blast as I tried a mix with that in and all the sweetest fruits I could think of…it was brain freeze literally haha.
I would guess vampire vapes are using it rather than clone the other way round as it is just too similar smell/colour/taste for them to have cloned it I would have thought.
It is definately a concentrate chefs or someone should stock in the UK considering how popular heisenberg still is for lots of people all these years later.


The mix with the extra blueberry is tasting promising?
If VV use this then they are adding something extra in there as it has a more pronounced berry taste, but only slightly, otherwise this is spot on.
Agree that Chefs should stock this as it would sell well.
Thanks for the heads up Will!
Got a couple of their other concentrates mixed up just now and they are looking promising, especially the mixed berry.


Vampire Vapes sells concentrates, they are £9.99 for a 30ml

Chefsflavours also stocks them :wink:


Yes they do and it takes 15% of the concentrate to achieve the desired strength and only 5% of the Sasami Blue Alien to achieve the same desired flavour.
So it’s a no brainer really?


I finally tried your recipe today. It’s nice. Not sure it’s to my taste (will vape more after a steep) but it’s definitely quite a unique flavour that many will enjoy. In terms of comparison to the uk version by vampire vape it tastes very different. The uk one has a very fresh cooling effect over very fresh tasting berries and fruit with a hint of anise. It’s a shame you can’t get it where you are without considerable cost as it really is one of the best flavours I’ve ever vaped. There are of course different versions of heisenberg and as someone in the thread mentioned the uk is not the original one so yours may well be a great clone of the original (which I haven’t been fortunate enough to try).

Anyway, good work on a tasty recipe. :+1:


i noticed an error on your mix. you list .4 ml as 8 drops. but then you list blueberry jam as .4 ml or 16 drops. i am going to try the 30 ml recipe so id appreciate that cleared up before i try it.