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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


What can happen if i change de CAP flavour for the TFA, this would be my first diy E juice


gpa22 I’m not very familiar with the stength of TFA flavors but I hear they’re a bit better. I’d go ahead and mix it the same and just use a couple drops less of each tfa flavor… then after a hot steep, give it a vape and see if you like it. If it’s weak, go ahead and add the rest of the drops you held out. My recipe is not exacting, by any means. Play with it all you like.


Yeah, that was back when I first started mixing… its basically 20 drops (small drops) per ml. so if want .4 mils it’s about 8 drops.


Sorry, guizai, I was able to snake the original recipie and there is no star anise, there is no koolada and there is no menthol. Go figure.


Hey CM :slight_smile: I made up your Heisenberg clone the other day but I had forgotton the Spearmint though had ordered Eucalyptus & Mint so used that in it’s place.
A very nice juice but not Vampire Vapes Heisenberg.

Did I see a post somewhere where you said what was in the recipie - Red Grape???

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: