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The list of POTENTIAL new FLV Flavors


The list from @Flavorah fb page:

Back Bar Bitters
Berry Medley
Black Currant
Brut Bubble Wine
Citrus Soda
Juniper Gin
Marshmallow Vanilla
Melon Rind
Pink Fruit
Rose Essence
Sour Note
Sticky Starch
Sweet & Smokey Tobacco
Tequila Agave
Yogurt Plain

To comment: https://www.facebook.com/flavorah/posts/2029399933818282:0


There are a handful im interested in for sure…smoky do you know when the sample packs are coming out from flv @Flavorah ???


Sooner than it has been :wink:


Sounds like a checklist for a freakin liquor store!


Just what I always wanted, right in time for Christmas, TZ… they just need some Rum… cola yes, lime, check! :slight_smile:

Could do with some shine… or some decent vodka… play some quarter quarter! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses:

I can see that now… take a vape and… :hushed::rofl:


I’m down for that!
And what the heck is Sticky Starch?


All of em look like pretty good ideas - except taro which should be stamped on and then burnt, then the remaining parts of the bottle should be shipped to the four corners of the world at least one of which should be shot into the sun for good measure - oh I don’t like taro YMMV


Haha bring a roll of quarters! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sticky Starch… if it is what I assume it to be… its what holds things like rice and pasta together. Best to go super low with it until you find your spot. Like 1 bottle drop (.02g) in 10ml. (Gluten? Might be the better description I can come up with) Maybe they might pull out some rice to go with it? Who knows? :smile:


Taro… yeah… I am with ya there… but… maybe they have it right, and it might taste better than what others have tried. Who knows till it pops out?

I could have gone with some jelly beans… if only… but I have to wait too… gee… :partying_face:


I hope they are better then the already existing ones by other brands, even so (FE) sweet rice and (VTA) rice base aren’t bad, neither is (ooo) marshmallow vanilla and (vta) gin.

If flavorah can beat (fa) mangosteen I might get excited because that’s in my opinion flavour arts most horrible flavor, right after custard.

Looking forward too it :slight_smile:


Thickness additive?? :joy::joy:


Dude! Taro is awesome. Mixed with some creamy coconut. Nice earthy taste…like dirt earthy…but delicious. Maybe it is an aquired taste. :joy:


Can you be more specific? Are we talking like a top-soil dirt, more of a loamy/sandy dirt or landfill types of dirt?? You shouldn’t generalize because they all have a different flavor! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Farm land dirt. Pull a potatoe out of the ground, brush it o…wait don’t brush it off, take a bite. That kind of dirt. :joy:

Seriously though, for me, it is not bad at all. It is a very unique flavor and not for everyone.

To me it blends well with coconut and coconut milk like flavors. I don’t like many coconut vapes but the Taro puts a spin on coconut that I find quite pleasing.


Personally, I like to try unique flavors such as that. They can make great ways to escape the same old fruit and cream juices. I definitely like to widen the flavor spectrum. Never know what will work.


I quite enjoy eating my baked “potato” :point_left: @TheTinMan :rofl: skin and even well washed i can see peps getting that taste impression of dirt.


When I think of dirt taste, I get bean sprout dirt or pickled beets dirt… yuck!!


Jesse it is exactly that a vaped potato with dirt.

@TheTinMan I tried to like it I really did but nope, nope 1000x nope



Cheers @worm your search fu is strong.