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The Modfather RDA


Sorry about that :rofl:

But yes it is a very good pairing.


They are practically identical anf both give excellent vapor and flavor for days…


I ordered one, so I hope the series deck and build will provide better flavor than the Aromamizer on my PWM mod. Otherwise I wasted my money, as I have 3 Aromamizers.


No, you will not feel like you wasted your money, I love the performance of the Modfather RTA.

I think it makes a wetter vape.


Sorry Phillip.


What gauge are you using and is that SS? Just got mine tonight.


Hi Benny…long time no speaky! Hope you’re well.

That’s 22 ga SS. It’s on 3.5mm. Final build came to 0.59ohm on the series deck.


Cool! Thanks for the reply. I was starting with some staggered fused claptons, but having problems building low enough. Think I need some bigger gauge wire to bring it down effectively. Ramp up on the staggered is too long and resistance keeps coming out near .8.


I am still running staggered fused @ 1.6 ohms. Got the lipo on 11.2 volts. Not very much ramp up. Couldn’t run it on a dual 18650 though.


Got mine today, I’m running N80 3x26g/36, 7 wrap Fused Claptons @ 0.57 ohms on the series deck, lipo @ 10 volts, ramp up is very quick, flavor is excellent with airflow open just under halfway, I’m loving it, the airflow is fantastic, super smooth.


5.7 ohms. Impressive

:joy::joy::joy: Pretty sure that is a typo. And yes the airflow is as smooth as a baby’s behind.


:astonished:Yep typo of course, juct corrected it.
BTW, I too found that raising the coils so that 2/3rds of the airflow is under the coils, improved the flavor.


Excellent! Thanks for that. I have fiddled with the position some but for the most part I am getting great flavor from it.


Yep the airflow is excellent, and with all those little holes instead of one big one … no whistle effect


My WhiteRose mod is a dual 18650. Ramp isn’t horrible. Vape is mildly warm but not as much vapor as I’d like. I have to put the hammer down to get it there though. Pot is set to 100. Batteries don’t get warm. I’ll get the right build eventually. Serial deck definitely makes you rethink not just wraps and ID but also the core wires you use.


If you can get it some were between .5-.6 ohms you should be in very good shape with the pot at 75% or a little more. I am not really a hot vape type of person. Warm is good. I haven’t maxed out the lipo but I have turned it up to 12 volts and the flavor diminished a bit so 11 to 11.5 is good for me flavor wise and warmth wise.


I’m finding the most happy with a 0.6ohm build. It’s the last one I took the photo of. Been hovering around 11v when I want to rock a heavy vape, but can lower it to around 8.5 for a laid back feel. Even with it at 11 volts I can take nice long hits.

For the longest time I’ve sought surface area but with high enough ohms to be safe. With this thing the approach seems to be surface area and not building with too much resistance.

I think next build I’m going to do 7 wraps on 3.5mm parallel 24ga N80. That should be about .54ohm

This is fun :slight_smile:


Really not getting this, seems as though a lot here are pushing 10-11v on their LIPO mods. I have build mine with 4 different coil configuration and the highest I have achieved is the current 10 wrap 22g 316L at 3.5mm. It is comfortable at just under 4 volts, warm to very warm and plenty of cloud.

Does the C rating on the LIPO have an affect on voltage needs I have noticed the other Mod with a Different LIPO requires more volts for the same vape with the same RDA. Mods are both Whiterose with the ModFather RDA

I guess we are all different and I would leave it at that but the difference between my 2 made me curious.


Is this using a Modfater RDA or RTA? I couldn’t even ramp up my build at 4 volts.


The awesome part is that even at that build you are only drawing 18 amps from your battery. I am blown away but this series deck.