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The Modfather RDA


It is the ModFather RDA, on top of Whiterose mods. One is a NLPWN LIPO 1300ma 3s 30c, the other is a PWM LIPO 1500ma 3s 35-70c. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with all of this just curious of the reason for such lower volt settings and the diffence in each mod.


The only thing you left out of your original post was your ohms. What is your build ohming out at?


10 wrap 22g 316L at 3.5mm metered out at 0.6 ohms (should have been higher according to steam engine but that ain’t unusual sometimes.)


nlpwm read voltage more accurately then older pwm boards, not sure if that helps. The c rating is a fancy pants way of telling you the continuous amp rating. take mah x c rating and div by 1000


Is there a way to change the modfather from series to parallel?


Yes just ignore the centre post and go to the outside ones with both coils bit tougher to fit the wick in tho.


I think you can take out the entire center post too.


Thanks @woftam. I thought that would work but I wasn’t sure if you need to pull the center post or not.


I did pull the center but then there’s nothing to cover the hole from the post.


It comes with an insert in the box to make the center post neutral


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@NChris you should have one of these in your Modfather box.


Problem is with that @TheTinMan1 is the pin is a bf .


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They used to come with a plate to replace the center post and then you could use it like a volocity style deck. Check with @Whiterose0818 and see if they are available.


Will do. Thank you sir.


Just testing it now but removing the centre block and the screw and putting the 510 pin back in it doesn’t appear to leak - yet. So that may be an option for you to try @NChris


I checked the website and don’t see it anywhere. But at the 21:30 mark of this video shows the plate I am talking about.

***caution with language in video. Make sure no children, ladies or small animals are around when viewing. Or just turn the sound way down. Or put on headphones. Have the headphones plugged in to your device.