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The Modfather RDA


This is so odd to me but it could just be our differences in vaping styles. I would normally run a .25 to .15 ohm build at 3-4 volts and get a nice warm vape. At .6 ohms I run at 7-8 volts. Currently running 1.6 ohms at 11 volts and taking deep vapes.

Also note that @SthrnMixer runs a .6 ohm build at 10 volts but he likes to take 1 to 1 and a half second vapes.

I guess it is different for everyone. If 4 volts is comfortable for you then go with it. Your set up and mine isn’t far off on amp draw, 6.88 vs 6.67 but our wattage varies by 50 watts.


I agree with Susan :grinning:, 0.6ohm @4 volts is very odd, ramp up would take ages and there is no way that would be a warm vape. It sounds as if it’s somehow not in series mode.


Appreciate you input, thank you.


different build same RDA same impact just different voltages. Series build.


How bizarre. So at 4 volts and .6 ohms you are only vaping at 26 watts. Have you put it on a regulated device that reads ohms, volts and watts and see if it gives you the same vape at 4 volts?


I’ll try it later tonight, I’m thinking it’s just the mods. 2 different pwm types, but ohms law should be the same on both unless the metering is off. Oh well still a fantastic Vape, thanks again for all of the insight


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Ordered mine from here yesterday. I couldnt find a coupon code but oh well


Love the Modfather RTA’s, have 10 of them with the various decks-builds…damn GOOD flavorful atty.

Haven’t used anything but the Modfather after it’s fruition.