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The Provari thread


A quality device that will give years of service. Good choice. :ok_hand:


Glad you got one. I have a Blue/Silver and a Camo/Bronze
At least they have a fast-charge built in them…I still am not fond of the battery change out.
But vape…and ergonomic…kicks ass.
Did you get the 40W or the 60W? Doesn’t matter, they both are great.


I did get two Radius
My P3’s and Procyon’s are also sub-ohm


Welcome back good sir.


nice i wanted one of those radius but it was a bit too much for me


1)Anyone selling a Provari at a reasonable price?

2)Does the 2.5 mini come with some sort of adapter to make it a flat top?

3)Does the non-mini version have the ability to remove a piece and make it mini size or nah?

4)Thank you for any useful info you may provide. I recently became the proud owner of an authentic Russian 91% and cannot sleep now because it’s crying out for a Provari to sit on. Cheers.

PS. I’m aware of the irony in owning an authentic Russian which is essentially a Kayfun clone. :slight_smile:


i have a provari classic still in box pm me we could trade maybe



Yes, you can use a trim ring on the bevel-top, like the 2.5
There are two made, a Provari with air slots, and a Svoemesto

The Classic, P3, and Procyon remain a flat top, as does the Radius.

L to R : V2.5 with Svoemesto trim ring, P3 with flat top, Classic with flat top.

If you don’t find one let me know, I can probably locate one.


Thank you for your reply! I’ve been looking on ebay but only found 2 so far and missed the closing bid. Final price was around $100 with shipping to Canada. I’m looking for a satin finish to match my Russian 91%. If you can locate one I would definitely be interested in buying!!!


Sorry, @ozo. I’ve been away for a while. I got the 60W model, thankfully. I also managed to find on Craigslist, a titanium P3, which drives a Cubis tank very, very well. I’m very happy with both devices.