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The Provari thread


Whining is allowed…and welcomed.


Click link above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Jack says " It only does 20 watts…fuk these nasties, hook me up…did the Lakers win?"

If you boast about how many flavorings you have, or are a regular poster on vape mail, or regularly advise others about your DNA, or complain about problems you have with your favorite mod, or are of the sort to always enlighten others on what new trend device/gadget to buy [when some of you never had them haha]…and you DON’T own a Provari [if you ever did, you always would]…
If your wife won’t let you spend the family [her] money, and you sneak your vape shit behind her back…or you went crazy buying tons of shit before 8/8/16…or you feel forced to buy the latest [keeping up with the Jone’s] so you can tell/show your peers,…and you DON’T own a Provari.[if you ever did, you always would]…

If you vape, you should own a Provari…and you will never understand it until you do…no matter what other mods that you fancy.
FYI: Provari does do more than 20W depending on the model…some only do 15W…but don’t be fooled.

@Rob62 @Pattie

[smallprint…there is a reason Provari sells in over 70 countries with 1000+ vendors…even at their pricepoint]

Newbie needs help with tanks

V2.5 with Avocado 24mm 1.2ohm coil DTL greatness


P3 with Avocado 22mm .5ohm coil…sweet DTL madness


V2.5 with Kayfun V5 1.3ohm coil…sheer pleasure DTL


Any of the above easily adjusted to MTL…pure flavor heaven.


Or a Kanger ProTank 4 with a .5ohm coil on the P3


Look Ma, no xxx’s in Ozo’s pics
Hallelujah !


I’m pretty sure many of you regard me as just an old turd farting dust,
but if YOU live long enough…so shall you be like me…hahahaha
Best bet is never take me serious,I don’t [being now in my 2nd childhood]
I’m probably just…


Could be worse…could be two of me, eh?

So, let’s rodeo…


But…if you Provari or not…understand Provari or not, I won’t hold it against you …
[unless you are special and beautiful like some of the ladies here (you know who you are)
then I would love to hold my Provari against you]
But for the record…


Looks nice that p3 ozo. Classy. :ok_hand:


I’m using my phone atm but later I’ll load some photos of my babies. :wink:
Great thread for us “Provari snobs” :joy::+1:


Yeah, just because we are rich, and own more than one Lear jet, people think we are snobs, eh?


Haha. Your right brother. Jealousy gets you no where fast.
You either provari, or you don’t. :sunglasses:


Between my wife and I, we’ve purchased 2 of every ProVape model since they came out in 2009, except for the Procyon. We love them.

But we won’t be purchasing another until they come out with a model that can do 0.15 Ohm at 60 Watts, if they ever do. Sigh. I wish they would make such a model.


Love seeing the Provari Thread @ozo !You have a nice collection my friend!
They are good devices for sure but I don’t use them much now days . I will still rock one on occasion for nostalgia but likes @Scottes777 touched on I just prefer a little more power these days.18mg and a Provari is what killed the stinkies for me as they were one of the most if not the most reliable devices on the market at the time.
I loved the looks of them especially with the ZEN tank but I am so glad the tanks have evolved from where it was back in the day!
Here is a picture with another one of my dinosaur setups , still love my Poldiac with the authentic Kraken Tank that I drilled out for more airflow. Glad the days of drilling holes in $100.00 tanks is over as well!


Yeah… nice collection ozo!
I know absolutely nothing about Povari’s but I’ve heard theyre very good & well made. I really like the look of the Radius 60w (but maybe defeats the purpose of a povari coz its not a tube …IDK) but at $320AUD it’ll def have to wait till I’ve taken delivery of that Lear jet. EDIT: Unless I can be convinced otherwise!

These are probably a REALLY stupid questions… but what makes them so good? What is it that justifies that price tag? & is say 20w out of a Povari better than 20w out of a device thats a 10th the price? …Well, I spose you can be assured you’re going to get a real 20w, but what else?


Ya, I understand, and you know I have many other mods…contemporary mods.
I think everyone that vapes should still have one Provari in the arsenal, and I am sure you know why.
With all the new attys today, the Provari really matches many for a solid good flavorful vape.


Please find the time to watch Busardo and his visit to ProVape, I think it will explain a lot.
Please watch part 1 and part 2…


Thanks ozo! I might have 1 or 2 more questions (because I’ve all of a sudden become quite intrigued by these devices), but I’ll watch these first. :+1:


Ok… I get it! $320 makes sense to me now. The Lear jet is gunna have to wait
Thx for putting them up ozo - very interesting. No more questions.