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The woes of pre-ordering


I recently pre-ordered the Gbox from Geekvape and it seems as though the stores will all be getting theirs before I get mine. According to the ticket on my account for Fast Tech, I will not be receiving mine until the 6th, anyone else get screwed out of their pre-order deal? I do believe 3Fvape is the same story.


i think the issue was pre ordering from fasttech, the sailboat of delivery companies. i had my last fasttech order delivered via horseback rider.


I have watched stock at fasttech jump up and down. Ordered something that was supposedly in stock and would ship the next day then be out of stock after ordering it. My guess is they will bump your order to fill larger or wholesale orders.


Yeah, I think that they do that as well. Had an RTA that was constantly being restocked for about a month and a half before they shipped mine out


Okay , note to self . Don’t order from slow tech


I pre-ordered my Gbox through 3fvape. I ordered the pearl chrome mod only and it’s still listed as pre-order while the kits in the same color are already shipping. Kind of frustrating but that’s how pre-orders work some times…

Edit just created a ticket as it has been delayed yet again with an ETA ship date of January 10th :confounded: Yeah now I’m getting frustrated!


its not just order from fasttech, you just have to know HOW to order from fasttech.


Well, don’t just leave us hanging…
Enlighten us!


my last FT order was duct taped to the back of a wandering Hobo. He said there was Postage Due …two bits


Ft actually has a how to order on their website. It’s been so long since I ordered from them that it might be out dated