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The Woes of Wicking


Maybe you could try this method, too thick or too thin is easily adjusted with this.


thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions. I will look into them all and find the best one for me. I hope this discussion helps others as well.




I do it the same way.


Thank you @Vaporraven NOW I understand what you meant. As the other posters have said, rolling just

the tip tight to get it started is key, and lightly roll the rest, and you can pull it in, and through, then before you trim, you can work it back and forth a bit to help settle it into the coil helps a lot. Most of my mods are 2 batteries or more and/or heavier, so when I’m tug, tug, tugging my fresh cotton through the weight of the mod helps keep everything stable.


I have been using the SMOK devkin and SMOK Procolor which are 2 battery mods and i too have noticed its easier wicking while its on the mod for the extra height and weight. My wife ordered me cotton bacon on amazon couple people i know swear by it so I hope that helps.

A friend of mine says done right i just get atleast 2 weeks out of one wick with that.
I hope it works out i’ll try some of the other methods if that doesn’t work for me.


I have a lifetime supply of cotton bacon prime, and I’ve been using the regular one since I started coiling. The clue is finding the correct amount for your ID and fluffing and probably taking off more cotton on the ends than you think you would need. What tank are you trying to wick? Go easy on the ends but make sure you get some resistance when pulling it thru your coils. And pull the cotton back and forth some, to ease some tension on the cotton inside the coil.

Anyways, hope it works out :smiley:


I am wicking the kees Solomon v1 I love that RTA. I feed the cotton all the way through the cotton holes then cut and fluff. I found that way easier then fluffing before feeding through the holes for the cotton.


Thats a good flavor rta, just make sure the holes arent too clogged and you should be fine. Cotton bacon expands quite a bit. I would just fluff slightly before pulling the ends thru the hole :smiley:


yeah my first time using it i thought i had to cover the whole base which made it really hard to close the glass and then i found that cutting just past the lip of the tank would give me enough cotton to fluff. It seems to be working well for me. I just hope i can make this stuff last awhile at 6 bucks a package


It all boils down to what juice you are vaping, and how much sweetner etc is in it. At least thats my experience, I usually rewick like every 2 weeks, then again I have a few rta’s in rotation, so its not soley 1 tank use only. With that said, I have used 1 and a half packs of cotton since january. Then again I tend to cut 1 strip in two for two coils, instead of wasting like half the cotton most youtubers tend to do :slight_smile:


I’m using that RTA as well as a RDA and I take one roll of cotton and split that into 4 and then take one of those four roles and cut that in half for the two coils on the solomon


I use Cellu Cotton best flavor wicks great at least for me it is I have tried Japanese cotton pads, cotton bacon I keep going back to this stuff


I love that we all have plenty of choices with vaping to get to our own happy place. I used Cotton Bacon v2 for about 6 months. I found that it tended to ‘dam up’ at the entrance to the coil and leave the inner cotton parched, even with very little threaded through. It also took longer to break in, and I couldn’t continue to justify the price vs. Muji squares. For me, anyway, it’s easier to cut the square to length and I get no break in. Again, I think it’s great that we don’t have to modify our styles due to limited choices.


I bought 4 packs of vapefly agletted cotton, and it’s not bad at all. It’s mostly made for 3mm coils, but I can take a bit off and get it into the 2.5mm one I use somewhere.

Muji pads are still the best option for me. Huge pack of 180 pads set me back $8 and the cotton is just perfect. I just cut the pad into thirds, and it fits my 3mm coils perfectly.

One thing I do want to try is Rayon. Gotta check the local pharmacy and see if they have any.


Check your local Beauty Supply …it’s used to put between fingers and toes when polishing and for coloring hair…get the new stuff though :smirk:

BTW I’m rewicking right now


I bet the the used one can’t taste worse than pineapple juicy (TPA)


O.M.G. I have been wicking WRONG for YEARS. I just crammed about 50% more cotton in there and it’s AWESOME. In my mind I thought compacting the cotton too much might reduce wicking …WRONG. Thanks for the video! It was great to see for myself …and it does make sense …NOW.

I mean I have seen tons of YT wicking tutorials and I always did it tight (tugging on it etc) but best.advice.ever “WICK HARD!” I use Cotton Bacon Prime which made it easy. I use 22Ga SS spaced coils so it was like threaded and I could screw it in to start and them pull it thru (snipped off the pinched part) Happy Camper… shout outs to @atssec97 Thanks Mike

Rayon? There are two types BEWARE @adary purchasing any other “Part#” as one is not good for Vaping (labeled as “Reinforced”) and the wrong product looks almost identical. I used rayon for awhile and it’s great.


I am so glad that I asked this question more poeple are learning new methods. This is a great discussion


Has anyone used this? It’s only 5 bucks for 40 feet

Cotton Coil 100% Pure, 40 Feet Per Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GSAYMM2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_zHwRBbY4G98RS