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The Woes of Wicking


I went and picked up my rayon at “Sally’s Beauty” supply locally.
re: https://www.sallybeauty.com/salon-equipment-and-furniture/salon-accessories/cotton/cellucotton-beauty-coil/GRAHAM1.html


Like I mentioned above, was a game changer for me. Fluff? Pfffff, I don’t even do that anymore!
Glad you were able to check it out! I started watching his Airflow videos and got side tracked!

I had such a hard time getting my wicking right in the beginning, I have it dialed in with the KGD pads so I’m a little timid to try anything else! Is there a difference in the Muji and KGD?


Muji pads are smaller and thicker


Wait. I thought you were the wife? There’s definitely some fuckery afoot! :thinking:


I never said I was the wife. no one could tell based on my handle or my picture. mhahahahhaha


Maybe it’s just me but I never considered Raven a male-type name. Apologies.


haha no worries I like Ravens and that’s why I use it. I have also never met anyone with the legal name Raven before neither. then again I never thought someone would name their kid Prince and i’m not talking about the artist formally known as, haha




I haven’t noticed a difference other than thickness. My preference is the KGD because I can get those in 60 x 80 and get two wicks out of a strip instead of one. (Damn I’m cheap.)


Does anyone ever get like gunk or ash sometimes preceding weird tasting hits?


Me too! Thanks for the info!


I have never noticed anything like that! Sounds strange!! If I start getting strange taste or diminished flavor i just rewick!


You’re cheap? I get about 5 strips out of a pad, 1 strip works for 2 coils :grin:


Sucralose is the main culprit for this happening. Most sweetened commercial juices (and plenty of DIY’s too) use it, one example is Capella Super Sweet. Kills builds quicker than a twister wrecks a mobile home. This is an opportunity to promote the Ozo Stevia Stone, which brings back sweetener without the build-blasting effects of Sucralose.


I definitely don’t use capella super sweet and it’s only been happening in the like the last week or two I actually completely changed my coil last night. I want to rewick in the one coil got bent out of shape so I just replace both of them it might be peanut butter causing the sucrose


I would not advise spreading peanut butter on the build. Definitely not Peter Pan at least.


Hahanot that pan guy. I go for the crunchy crunchy


@Vaporraven Did you mean getting weird tasting hits after your coils are gunked up ?


I do, not so much ash, but something burnt and harshness in the throat. So I opened up my tank…
This build is about a month old, same cotton, not overly gunked coils but they are getting blackish

Inspection inside the chamber

Both on the cotton and the in the chamber you can see these black specs. That’s what I assume is coming off the coils and I’m sure I’ve been inhaling it too… This build saw about 100ml of juice to get to this stage.
No sucralose or sweetener in the juice I was vaping, just regular flavor gunk.


Yeah those coils look Gunked up for sure. If I didn’t know better I would blame cocoa fa or other chocolate along with super sweet cap.