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The Woes of Wicking


Yeah I am, I get 6 strips outta mine :slight_smile:


I should lower the Shisha a little though, it’s just a little too creamy


I’m extreme, I replace my wicks pretty much daily on 2 rta’s (every 10mls or so). Depending on what I’m vaping, my coils last about 3 weeks, sometimes longer.


Are you vaping NETs perhaps?


If I did that I would replacing cotton like every 4 hours. This RTA I use eats juice, not as crazy as the tfv series or the peerless but still.

My first set of could lasted me 2 months .

Maybe I should look into SS or TI01 WIRE


Nah, I’m just anal about my wicks and coils. I vape a lot of things like “bust a nut” which gunk up really bad. Love my yellow cake ya know.


I’m the same way with strawberry kiwi and vanilla custard flavors


I make 4mm spaced SS coils so after dry burning and rinsing I take a Q-Tip wet with some VG or just e-juice and screw it through the inner coil …always gets black, even after dry burning and rinsing under water. Tug a bit on the end of the Q-Tip an pinch to a point, or for smaller coils just pull most of the cotton off and use the stick with a little fuzz of cotton remaining.

As mentioned above it can be your choice of flavs …nobody mentioned Sucrose (sugar!) That’s the worst for carbon and ash (Cake Batter [FW]). Also Nutty flavs and anything with Acetyl Pyrazine can shorten lifespan of cotton


And Ni80!!! Will never go back to Kanthal!!!


Nice Idea! Thanks!


I’m not really a fan of nickel. I have read a lot of articles stating nickel releases toxins when it’s heated up. I don’t know how true that is but I just stay away


I think it is pretty safe as long as your not melting the Ni, just run it in TC/TCR mode is what most folks do.

Interesting thread this! Sorry for chiming in so late, but thanks for all the info here.


I am not a scientist or chemist but from all of the articles i have read seem to contradict your statement. Appears some people may be allergic to Nickel, as they are allergic to PG or VG. I have not found any info that states that using nickel is toxic. Here is a quick read I came across recently.
Notice that this is a point of view blog. Same as my point of view. YMMV!


related to the above!


Aye, I only use ni80, in a fused clapton build (in watt mode). But like someone mentioned above, it can be tedious to clean with all the nooks etc. I use a brush (from coil master) combined with some hot running water when glowing them, they seem to keep up, in one of my regular atty’s I’ve not changed the coils for 6 months, and they still look good after a cleanup.

Should be noted that my lazy ass ain’t that worried about the gunk that hides on the inside, however I’ve yet to come across cotton being pulled through that has stains on it after a cleanup, so I might be doing something right.


I would have to agree on the longevity of the ni80 coils. I pretty much clean as you have described in your reply and my coil looks nearly new. I use compressed air once i’ve cleaned the coil and give it a blast at 175 psi to get the fine specs out and to displace any water droplets.


Nichrome and kanthal have a melting point of 1400C. If you’re running that hot I’d say you have a problem. Nichrome works just fine in temp mode. It does run up faster than Kanthal.


I was unaware of there being Ni80 and pure nickel Ni200. I’m getting contradictory information on if Ni80 can be in a TC mode or not. some say its safe others say it won’t work.


Ni is nickel and NiCr is nickel with chromium, most devices will allow it to work and as long as you can adjust the wattage and temp and get a decent vape out of the device you can say it works. even with known wire types I like to pop over into TCR and tweak that to get a smooth vape.

we are now derailed :rofl:

=|=|=|=Proper wicking is important for TCR mode=|=|=|=


does wicking in TC mod need different tweaks then in normal K1? I would like to get some ti or nicr if I can find the premade ones since i can’t make a coil.