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The Woes of Wicking


You cannot make a coil if you do not try :slight_smile:
I think wicking is an art, as is making a coil an art. I believe wicking is the same in TC mode as wattage mode. But I am not at all an expert and don’t even vape RDA’s. My experience is just with factory coil rebuilding. That would need it’s own thread, although related its completely different :slight_smile:
I have a couple RDA’s coming from China over the next weeks, so I was doing a little pre-research here :wink:


oh I have tired and i’m also visually impaired, so with that regard i legitimately can not build them. So i get the prewrapped coils and then wick them myself. still cheaper then factory coils and i love my little Solomon V1 RTA


I can see how getting contradictory information can be confusing, and I’m about to add more conflicting info … NiChrome (Ni80) doesn’t work in temp mode!

In order for any metal or alloy to work in TC mode, it has to have super conductive properties, i.e. the resistance has to rise as the alloy gets hotter, and the difference has to be large enough for the mod to measures the difference. NiChrome doesn’t have any super conductive properties, or at least not enough, so it doesn’t work in TC mode. Don’t get fooled by the fact that it contains nickel and that nickel does have super conductive properties, lots of alloys contain nickel without having SC properties.


This isn’t a bad deal for the variety of ni80 coils included. No Ti in this kit though!

What mod are you using with your Soloman v1?


I am using the smok deviken


Have you read this thread? I haven’t used TC yet as I don’t have a MoD that would would do a fair job in TC mode. This is a super simple spaced coil that produces exceptional results based on the comments of this thread! Check it out sometime!


I was able to wick my tank today in one try. I was even able to get the perfect amount of cotton bacan so I didn’t have to pull extra off it.