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These bottles might be good for mix testing?


Was looking for vape display stands and found this little novelty. Thought I’d share.


Not a good idea with rubber eyedroppers. Might like to read:

Rubber piston/valve operation can produce measurable microscopic particle rubber waste when flexed (familiar with lab fluid particle counters). General aging of various rubber compounds via oxidation will tend to break down rubber compounds to various degrees.


I believe @lordvaper acquired something similar a while back.


They may look nice (if you’re into skulls) but I don’t find those very practical and excessively expensive. I’ve recently ordered 100 unicorn bottles

I like these bottles because of their little surface area (where air comes in contact with the liquid) when they stand up straight. They also don’t take up a lot of space, are easy to carry around.


This is not the first time I read about the rubber of the droppers damaging the taste, and I do not understand why the Flavors Medicine Flower comes with eyedropper !?


perfect! thanks! Seriously these may be cheap enough to just toss and not clean …I’m so tired of cleaning 30mls


Think I’ll get 2 15 ml and 2 30 ml skull bottles… nice little novelty item… that might be nice to put a test mix in.

Beside might look good on my vape shelf.


I still clean them before use… never know where they’ve been!
And after use as well, there’s enough plastic garbage all over the world already so I’ll reuse them until whenever.
Would love a glass alternative that doesn’t come with the annoying drippers and the rubber.


I generally order my bottles from https://dropperbottles.com/

30 ml $24
60ml $29

120 ml $38

Discount code : DIY


Looks like a good deal for you guys but I’m missing the free shipping :wink:
If I have to buy these things locally, I pay at least 5 times as much… pretty ridonculous


Yea but shipping for the bottles ain’t to bad and it’s 2 day shipping. Sometimes shipping worth the $$$


Best guess is:
MF may have signed a contract with a bottling company to supply x number of dropper bottles at a extremely low price and cannot back out of the agreement.
Most customers just throw them away the dropper bottle and not reuse them, in addition, droppers may be perceived to be easier to use/classy than plastic squeeze dropper tip bottles.
To see how the rubber breaks down, take a clean tissue and wipe the inside of a old dropper cap and observe the tissue. Depending of the age of the rubber, you may see some rubber smear. The older the rubber, the more likely you will see degradation/smear.
Dropper bottles/rubber constructed piston pumps are fine in high school chem labs but you wont find them in most high purity chem labs/Iso 3 and up clean rooms*. Exposed rubber flakes and sluffs off.
*Liquid transfer applications


what you explain makes some sense, and it may be the case, however it is hard for me to believe that a laboratory of these has attention in the quality of the product, and not in the packaging … After all, we are talking about flavors of relative cost and I think the reputation of these, is also at stake …


These come in colors.


And they 60ml. Cool