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Things I wish my mod had/could do


is that it..... so simple.... haha it's not a beginners device lol we get it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Lol, love the wit too! :grinning:

Seriously though, if device is locked, just hit the minus button. If not, then lock it and hit the minus button. Don't want you having a heart attack first time you mis-click using your method.


True, but that way isn't as easy to make fun of :smile: Actually I just click the button once on my iPhone. Done.


I just look at my watch. Pushing a button to tell time seems stupid. :sunglasses:


I see some people who need a spell checker on their mod...:smiley:


ROFL...nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


So does sitting on our ever-widening arses to change the channels on the TV. But if my remote is broke I'm just gonna read a damn book :smile:


Joyetech eVic All In One


Every mod should come standard that you can preset preferred watts, temp, resistance. Some what like the IPV5. Hope that made sense.



I wish i could have a customized background or text. I know some of them have it but not mine yet.
Or that i could use it like a usb/ memory card


Arctic Fox lets you put on a clock if thereโ€™s room on the display, for what itsโ€™ worth.