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Things I wish my mod had/could do


A clock. That is all. I wish my mod had a clock on it. I almost always have it in my hand and my phone is usually in my bag. I'd love to be able to see what time it was just by looking at my lil display. And no, I don't wear a watch and won't wear one. I spend too much time on a computer, and it irritates my wrist because my typing technique sucks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anything you wish your mod had or could do?

VTC Mini/Cuboid/eGrip2 firmware 3.03 - GAME MODE?!

eVic should make a firmware where the last item can be a clock if you want - or alternating between a clock and battery level :smile:


You have one heckuva good clock right there! My xcube has a clock on it but to get to it you have click the firing bar five times to lock it then hit another button to display time. Forget it, I look up and it's always showing on my computer screen. For out and about I just use a watch.


The M80 Plus has a clock on it. Course I feel naked without my Mickey Mouse or Batman watch so I don't use it much.


Predict the number of days of effective recharging life left on the battery with respect to past vaping habits.

Like: You have 106 days left on your battery.


just dealing with a chines vendor so I wish mod would..... SHIP HAHA ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„


the smok m80 gives the time...of no help to you, just thought i'd mention...:smile:


Yeah, except when I'm not. LoL. Like at school, which is the main place I'd use it. Typically I go outside for vape breaks in between classes and I need to know when to head back in. That's when I think a clock would come in handy on my mod. I know, it's lazy...I could wear a watch (never going to happen) or just dig my phone out of my bag. But hey, it's the age of convenience, right? :wink:


Never worn a watch since mobile phone's came about. Ha


It may well exist, but I would like quick connect. Simple 1/4 turn and lock. So the mod has female connection, but you get male connections for each tank or RDA. Change in 2 seconds without putting wear on threads.

LED Flashlight

The DNA 200 chip and Escribe software has a feature I've always wanted which is to save settings for individual toppers. Really cool.

Automatic Battery Equalization. So you have a set of unmarried batteries. The mod reads the charge during every puff and reverts to single battery operation for the stronger battery until both are of equal charge. This is doable and I believe would be a great innovation. For batteries that are relatively new...say only have had 10 charge cycles each, this could actually create a matched pair...i think :confused:

For temp controlled mods - and maybe the new chips like DNA 200 do this now I don't know - never let the mod go from TC to Wattage mode during a puff. The ones I own will do that, although once going to wattage mode if you still have the fire button pressed nothing happens, it just stops firing. But when this happens it often happens at the end of a puff so if you don't see it you don't know. If yo have high watts set your next puff can be the fires of Mordor. Going from TC to Wattage mode should ONLY be from user input using the mod or other software, never automatic. Ever. This is a design flaw which I feel should have the designers flogged, drawn and quartered. No, that's a bit harsh. Just flogged.

All TC mods should show 1000ths of ohms instead of hundredths. And all should allow users to adjust and LOCK in ohms.

That's all I have right now.


A time machine so I can stop myself from buying some awful stuff (and a couple of ex-wives to boot)


Love the idear of a twist and lock. Would save a lot time and like you say wear and tear no the threads.
Would fool proof it aswell๐Ÿ‘Œ


My eVic Supreme has the time and date, and is my go to clock when I'm carrying it. It's only a 30 watt device but that's fine for me when just out and about during the day. The firmware version determines screen layout.


Nice!! I'm jealous. :wink:


It would be nice to just adjust voltage, like you could on the MVP.
And with that said, I wish volts would show without having to fire the switch away from my face to see how high/low my voltage is going...lock that shit in so I can see it after I'm done taking a drag...I can't even make use of the stupid puff timer, it goes out once I pull it from my face to see it (useless!)

As of now, that's all I've got...


Maybe this thread should be called "Things I wish my phone could do"

To which I would reply accept a 510 thread and supply an ample amount of juice at 100 watts ๐Ÿ˜‰

But clock is a good one. I have other things I wish my mod could do but those things are probably best left unspoken ๐Ÿ˜‚


I wish my phone would accept an 18650 battery so I could get a decent battery life out of it. Lol


The xCube 2! This marvel of modern craftsmanship has a clock and the date. If you don't buy it for anything else, you should get it for this amazing feature! To access the date/clock display only requires a few simple clicks of the fire button.

Here's all you do....

Click, click, click to enter the menu
Click, click, click, click to scroll to settings
Long click to enter settings
Click, click, click, click to scroll to Time
Long click to select Time display

This is if you previously set the date and time. If not, when you get to the clock you will see the last two digits of the year underlined. Simply using the plus and minus buttons, scroll to the correct year. Next, click your fire button to advance to the next section, the month and plus/minus to set the correct month. Then repeat this process for the day, hour and minute. Simple, right?

You can only scroll the last two digits of the year, so you're stuck in the 21st century. If you have had plans of installing some 18650s with Flux Capacitance in the hopes of travelling through time, don't let this stop you! There are still plenty of things time travel would be good for in this century such as preventing 9/11 or the collapse of the housing bubble in 2008. You might even be able to save a few honest people millions by going all the way back to New Years Day of 2000 and exposing Bernie Madoff. Surely that crook was up to no good even then! Unfortunately you won't be able to prevent Kennedy from getting shot...that is unless SMOK releases new firmware that will allow you to change the century on the device, then maybe I'll buy another one. Yeah, I know. Big if. But seeing how SMOK is on the cutting edge of technology I won't give up hope. Until then, this thing is still a helluva personal vaporizer. You should see how many people have vaporized things into thin air with it. Time, money, patience....hair.

I just hope since the device can only go to 2099 that SMOK isn't planning on waiting that long to release the xCube III. But if so, that's 85 years. A lot of bugs can be worked out in that much time. I'm very optimistic.


Geez...I could probably tell time from all your clicking. :smile:


Brilliant and witty!