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Thinking about gettin an RDA


Oops yes thats a typo. I fixed it


I like vaping any where between 30-80watts. I have two favorites, one is 30w and the other is 60w


I use the Troll the most. I just pulled the mutation 5 out of retirement and found I could remove the posts and use single coil. Great for testing new juice.


I had as couple rda’s and just couldn’t get them working right (kept spitting at me and seemed to burn hot). Decided to once again try rda’s and purchased the Goon 1.5 and the Aura. Use them both on a daily basis and bought a second Goon 1.5. For me they work nicely.


I was looking on eBay and think I’m going to try the goon first. Would eBay be an ok place to buy it.


I purchased one of mine from Fasttech and the other from Efuntop


?authentic? there are so many vendors w/ them it doesnt require resorting to e-bay. If clones and the waiting doesnt both u then chinese vendors such as 3fvape and fasttech has some nice goon clones that come w/ bf pins.


I second the Dead Rabbit… or third or whatever…haven’t read the entire thread. In addition to what @BoyHowdy said, it clams to be leak proof, which it is as long as you don’t overfill it. The flavor is great and it’s not expensive considering it’s not a clone.


I’m thinking about this too! @Jazzy_girl
I like single coil for good flavor!
I found it for $11.99 at 3f vape


Here is a squonk mod kit with a Goon Clone rda on sale at 3F Vape for $25.99 for your consideration.


It’s not gonna win any contests for looks, but, imo it’s up there with the Derringers and such for stellar flavor. Great rda for flavor testing. Can blow a decent cloud too.


I ended up ordering a dead rabbit sq. Thank everyone! I thought I might try this one first since it seems fairly easy to build on and the price seems right and its perdy


The single coil Dead Rabbit SQ is a pretty decent little RDA! It was super easy to get started!! Its going to be a great recipe tester until I get a squonk mod for it. Any suggestions for a squonk mod?


Do you prefer a regulated or mechanical squonkers?


I’m probably better off going with a regulated mod. I dont wanna blow anything up lol


That is wise , that is how I started.I think these two are among the most popular , I just posted eBay links as it was easy to grab. I really like the Lost Vape Therion and it comes with a nice bottle as well as a nice refill bottle.
It is a little higher but looks great and is very solid.

The RSQ gets great reviews but I don’t own one.

EDIT: I think Tony B should have his regulated squonkers hitting the market soon , I have great expectations for them.They should sell at an attractive price.
Here is a little teaser.


Wow thats a nice looking mod! I have to save for a bit for that one. Although my bday is coming so maybe I can squeeze that in for that. Lol pun intended. Thank you for the links :grin: (the Therion)


You are welcome and hopefully others will chime in as well and offer some suggestions.


The Vandy Vape mod looks great! I signed up for a notification when its released. That one really catches my eye cuz of the design. I also like that it can take the bigger size battery!


I think so as well , I will be picking one up when they are released.I also didn’t mention the new dual battery regulated squonkers.I read that you vaped between 30-80 watts and a single battery will handle 30-60 great. If size doesn’t matter you could also look into those , I just prefer the small size factor.