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Thinking about gettin an RDA


Hi Everyone,
I’m thinking about getting a RDA and need a little input on which one would be a good choice?

SOLVED! First RDAs purchase -- Freakshow Mini shorting out constantly

I’m new to RDA’s but like the Goon 1.5 types that I have been using.


Obviously you know that there are a lot of RDA’s out there or you wouldn’t be asking. Each RDA has aspects that will shine and sometimes fail. This is a very hard question to answer for me. How do you vape? MTL or DTL? Do you like it cool or hot? Have you built before? Do you use TC or VW? What mod will you be using? What power range do you prefer? What’s your balance regarding clouds and flavor? Do you prefer flats or high heals? Do you, or plan to, sqonk?


If you feel like a little reading, you might find something that looks good here! (Shameless plug… :wink: )



As @SmilingOgre has said, you will need to specify a little bit what exactly you’re looking for and why you’re looking out for an rda if you want some good suggestions. There’s just so much on the market and so many people use them for different reasons.


Here we go lol
I like DTL and like it cool and vape VW I have a cpl mods to consider but I was thinking of using the 220w eleaf invoke mod and id much rather have flavor over clouds and I’m heel girl, no flats for me. I’m not sure about squonking yet, I guess its not off the table. Hows all that?


I actually have one of these in the cart. Hmm. Hows it going so far?


Many goons do come w/ squonk pins if u do decide to squeeze that, if given id see if its available


but at 22 watts id like to see u w/ a single coil rda and bottom airflow for flavor


The Goon would work. To other suggestions would be the Iconic and the Alladin. The Alladin is a single coil and the iconic is a dual coil like the goon.


You can’t really go wrong with a Goon when it comes to flavor, but it’s also a bit of a cloud chucker. Obviously a lot of it depends on what coils you’re using. Goons are also really good for a wide variety of coils. I thought it was a bit tricky to build on at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy.


I believe that’s a typo, the eleaf invoke goes up to 220W no?


My recent weeks-long, head-spinning comparison shopping just taught me I’m DEFINITELY a dripper! Kits coming with even a 2ML tank made me realize I cannot commit to one flavor for more than 6 hours.

So, I decided myself and ordered the WOTOFO Freakshow Mini, based on Ruby Roo’s review on YT.

I recommend her channel, as I recently got turned-on to her reviews. She explains well what the benefits are of many features on the equipment.


Like everyone said it kinda hard to nail down what you will like.I agree that vaping around 22 watts a single coil may work better for you but it isn’t a requirement.
I would recommend a Dead Rabbit SQ for a couple of reasons. One they are crazy easy to build on ,single coil ,has great airflow options and is squonk ready.


I apologize in getting the 22 watt thang started, i interpreted that she vapes at 22 watts and had nothing to do w/ the device itself. So the question remains, what wattage do you usually vape at @Jazzy_girl ?


No harm , I wrongfully assumes as well. That’s great as it opens up a much larger range of options.


I still use my FS v1 perhaps once a week. The flavor u get from bottom airflow small chamber rdas is worth the leaking/condensation u will get from that and many like it but others may just get frustrated by that fact.


Practical footwear woman here :sunglasses: Just purchased my first mod for longer power. It seems we are in the same equipment leveling-up phase, both mature, female and flavor-focused, if you want to confer!

(I just tried to Message you but IDK if it worked. Excuse if you have 15 copies of this reply in your PMs)!


Cheap, well built, easy to build on, single coil rda- wasp nano. 3fvape has them for $12 bucks. You can find them State side for around $15 bucks. Little thing is a flavor machine.


Two threads here.

I’m still researching what to do with mine when I get it from mailbox today!