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This is new... Romaine = Bad


Wasn’t that the same place as the LAST outbreak?


No idea bud.

But I did get e-coli poisoning years ago during an outbreak with fresh bean sprouts. Not fun.


I imagine not. If it’s anything like giardia, then I’m sorry you had to go through that. BEWARE THE BEAVER FEVER!!


Sounds like a stretch unless they use untreated water to wash the crops.
More likely the stream was contaminated by bad spreading practices to me. But hey. I am not a farmer, I just work on one sometimes and we do not spread.


I’m not a fan of bureaucracies, over burdening regulation & the corruption that ensues, but we do have a system for food safety. Obviously not perfect by any means. The ability to track and isolate a potential danger is a bit of a modern marvel.


is it only Romaine we should stay away from? I decided, against my family’s wishes, to include iceberg into the no buy for now. I am probably being paranoid, but I can’t help myself.


Leave the iceberg out on grounds of not tasting like anything :slight_smile: