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This is new... Romaine = Bad


Hot off the presses. Good news for some …glad to not be subjected to salads this Thanksgiving. Wait I love Romaine… what’s happening? Pass the Potato Salad?


Yikes, I just had some at dinner. Eek. :astonished:


I had been thinking about getting an Aerogarden and growing some lettuce indoors this winter for the last week or so. Saw an article about this most recent outbreak earlier this evening and it pushed me over the edge. Got a unit being delivered on Friday so I’ll get it all set up Saturday morning. Really hope it works out - our centralized food system has had way more safety issues that we should be having.


I have been wanting to do that also. It would be cool if you started a feed showing how to set it up and the progress of you vegies.




You really don’t need to spend that much to grow lettuce, you can mix half compost and half pro-mix and grow lettuce in small 1 gallon or half gallon containers under cfl bulbs for real cheap, and organic! Fluorescent lights will grow any plant that doesn’t produce fruit, so all your leafy greens will grow very happily under them.


Can we just FINALLY fix the damn lettuce problem already ??


Salad is my best friend, especially in times where carbs and I don’t agree anymore. At least I don’t eat romaine, guess that makes it better? Lol

But tbh. I am actually not afraid, definitely won’t stop eating it.


You guys could probably DIY one of those for cheaper. It’s only a glorified hydroponic system.


STOP BIG LETTUCE!!! What’s next? Killer tomatoes?


Sounds like bad growing to me. There is no reason for romaine to be worse than any other lettuce.
Without knowing where the contamination happened, it is hard to tell, but I would not be surprised if it turned out someone sprayed nigjtsoil/slurry when they should not have.


Or any other raw veggie… E-coli warnings happen way to often. I always rinse raw stuff in water then a white vinegar bath for 5 minutes, just in case. Better safe then sorry.


I DIY everything and if I can’t I do have friends… I have to pay them to by my friend but it works out in the long run.:wink:


You’re right and there’s a very good chance I’ll go down that road. I usually start out with an easy entry point into a hobby and then things go off the rails from there. If I dig it and I’m actually able to grow things (tried a garden in my backyard a couple of times and never had much luck) I’ll probably expand and then I could sell the Aerogarden, or give it to my grandma. The AGs are actually visually appealing and I’m sure whatever I put together would look really cobbled together and janky. When I make something, it’s more about function over form. :slight_smile:


Man, I always wanted a green thumb but alas, I can’t even keep a cactus alive.


This is veering slightly OT(maybe if I mention the word Romaine here it’ll conform) but I just wanted to jump back in.

In terms of the Aerogarden for growing your veggies…their advertising would have you believe that setup and the growing process is a no-brainer. Well, not really. Agreed that they are visually appealing and if that’s high on the list then yeah, a DIY setup will not win Good Housekeeping awards. With Aerogardens the more money you spend the prettier they look.

IMHO it’s a bit more involved. I did hydroponics for quite a while and there’s a certain learning curve required if you’re gonna be successful. BUT if you get serious about growing, it’s a way cheaper method.

Basic shit you’ll need to know about: plant nutrients, pH measuring, color spectrums of light and what spectrums are most beneficial, testing water quality, etc etc. I could go on but this is just something to think about.

If and when you take the plunge I’ll be glad to share what I can about it.


Growing tomatoes, I am sure :wink:


Very potent strains of tomatoes.
And Romaine of course!


Well, if what I heard on the radio earlier is accurate, it was an infected culvert or stream (some water supply source) in Arizona.


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