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This reminds me why I quit cigs and stick with vaping


I smoked for 43 years I quit with vaping 21 months ago this video helps me when ever I get the urge to go back to smoking ( which is less and less everyday) I am going to send this to my friend at work he just can’t fully commit him self to quitting smoking he started vaping but still smokes he will even vape and then light a cigarette


Thanks, got a friend that’s the same way and I hooked him up with a pretty nice setup…this video just freaked him out

But, then he’s like “well I smoke American spirits, that was a Marlboro factory.” Ugh, he even feels better if he vapes…


“Waste Not… Want Always!”


This is actually kinda cool. . … I RYO tho.

Also, cigarettes that don’t pull this crap do taste way, way better, which is why I never smoked name brand. Except sometimes camel non filters, they may or may not be just as cheap in the end, but they don’t taste cheap like that, but they also don’t taste like RYO so, ehh. whatever.


Thank you for posting that…its pretty disturbing what the Altria drug dealers do to us.


Make one think huh
Your welcome


Just another way to justify smoking I was like that always had an
excuse to not quit like the guy I had mentioned.


:rofl: that’s funny Bo


Yeah just can’t wait for BT to be manufacturing your legal MJ sticks?


Addiction is a very powerful force in the brain that seats its strategy deep into the subconscious levels of our thinking to protect its existence. If this were not the case, a meth addicted, or cocaine addicted person would not kill or steal to get more of a drug. I don’t care what anyone says - cigarettes are almost worse because they are legal and you really can never get away from them. You cant buy gasoline or go to a pharmacy without the things staring you in the face and it is done completely be design because the government relies on the tax revenue.


No cigarette is safe


Thanks for posting this. I’ve never seen this video and it was very educational. Going to the YouTube channel and reading the “Comments” section was also very interesting.


Interesting isn’t it


Very! Thanks for posting this video. It reminds me of the other documentaries I’ve seen on YouTube that show how certain foods are made. Like Chicken Nuggets & Hot Dogs :sweat: Very disturbing to find out what is actually in the foods you consume.


So disturbing and scary


Why are you people googling that stuff?

Just., . assume unless proven otherwise everything is disgusting.


Thanks for this Video Bro


I appreciate the post. Went for a very long time without a thought about smoking. Just recently I am getting urges to “pick up”. Must be forgetting how much I hated it. They’re weird little “flash back” thoughts of “this is what I want right now”. This is a weird addiction.