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This whole recipe thing


I would appreciate input based on experience always in order to learn. 10 wrongs don’t make one right…

This is reminding me of the birthday cake with okra in it … someone needed to speak and kill that idea


yep, SFT is where i need to start, ive avoided it for to long now and its obviously where i needed to start 6 months ago. Standard do things my way, fall over, get up, do it again, fall over, get up…bahahah will be starting the SFT STAT… cheers Simon…


This stood out immediately to me. And could very well be one of the confounding agents to me. Yes, I have only FW, TFA, CAP, HV, and LA. Have not ventured further (especially since I have 120 or so concentrates and figured I could do some good damage with them). Sounds like a very legitimate statement to me. So you’re implying that I lack depth in my stash, which is true according to how many recipes here use things I do not have. Good point, thanks.

I am I guess a ‘basic mixer’. Reminds me of when I started vaping and didn’t even know coils were disposable. I’m quickly learning that this is far more complex than I ever thought it would be. I’m not too proud to ask for help, and as long as you don’t mind, I will be doing just that. Frequently.

Matter of fact, @Sprkslfly helped me understand where I was going wrong with syringe mixing, which was another humbling reality check showing how much I am still missing. So, thank you all for your advice and opinions, and for listening to me carrying on.


Yes and at the risk of it happening to me, it doesn’t matter how many are chanting the same mantra, the one that says hey that doesn’t make sense should not be “slammed.”


Good post, I just wanted to get a rather unimportant piece of info out there in respect to your quote about volatiles. While technically correct, the person who wrote that statement, abbadad or whatever, has been outed for being unequivocally full of shit. While he did post good info, it’s all directly from reading, he had zero real world experience. Unfortunately, the thread where this was proven was removed.

Sorry about the sidetrack.


A.B. Dada has been highly regarded for a long time.

This is the first I’m hearing of such allegations.

Suspect without proof IMO, at least until I hear confirmations from folks I know to be reputable.
(Not saying you aren’t, but I don’t know you at all)


Umm, Okay. My point was about volatiles which as you say is “technically correct.” While I have quoted and linked to other threads involving his/others statements, If you check I used the word “absurd” in regards to owning a high shear device for DIY. However, I also said what interests me is the science behind the commercial usage of them. Now we are full circle back to volatiles.

I’m not in competition with anyone and neither do I intend to be. So when it comes to on-line discrediting of any person or fact I simply have no interest. I’m here to learn, have fun, and interact with people of like interests. When I have something to share, I attempt to and do so with respect and courtesy. And I also offer to substantiate any statement to the best of my ability.

At the same time I have a real disdain for people who tout unsubstantiated conclusions which are declared as “gospel truth.” Mr Fish (cartoonist) sums it up nicely:


No worries bud, it wasn’t directed at you in any way. I guess I just get a reaction when I see that particular name or references to that individual. Most here, yourself included I assume, have put in the hard work regarding this whole mixing thing. It cheapens the actual work done when someone with nothing more than the internet, a decent handle on the English language, and a proficiency at BS is regarded as an expert in something others work hard at. Either way, you don’t know me from Adam, and like anything you should take my words with a grain of salt…


That depends on who “outed” him. Do you happen to remember? I spent quite a bit of time discussing things with AB back when i reddited and never found him to pass false information. But, this is the internet…


It was on the ecig sub, got deleted due to “doxxing” or whatever they call it. I travel through Chicago quite a bit, and did a bit of research on the guy. He once stated to me he owned a certain bar/restaurant, and was active in it’s management. Well, I went there, and guess what? Would it surprise you if I said nobody there ever heard of him? Then he tells me it’s in his contract to go under an assumed name in that area as he can’t have his Chicago restaurant businesses affect his business outside of Chicago, all kinds of wonky BS. Also, one of the particular vape shops he mentioned that he “consulted” with, they’d never heard of him either.

Probably solidly off track now lol… Sorry.


Yeah, sorry OP.

Honestly, no it wouldnt. I did quite a bit of research as well, lots of public info out there but i didnt say anything as the information he was providing the community was valuable and in all honestly that is all i cared about.

I remember this being discussed on reddit when people got mad at him about his posting on the Keto sub or something like that. Ive been on the interwebz since before this version, it is an amazing place but anyone can be anything so the information is the important stuff.

On purpose? Hehe. I half joke but im up in Kenosha and will go all the way around Chicago if i can help it.

Thanks for the info and now, “Back to your regularly scheduled program.”.


Oh, no worries there. I do it all the time.


I am not even a mixer anymore (too shaky), but might have a tidbit that might be beneficial.
I bet those few who downrate the recipes grew up on a diet consisting of milk and never developed their palate? (just a theroy)
This is a long read but filled with great info. Now I’ll fade back to Lurker Status :slight_smile: but I wanted to share one more informative link that kept me from even trying some of my battery acid tasting recipes…


I love the layout of their charts!
Bookmarked, and thank you!


At the end of the day mate the best and most outlandish recipes came into being from mixers making mistakes, being creative, thinking outside the box, putting things together because they can rather than whether they should…sure you can follow the basics by reading other mixers recipes and taking notes of what they do but where’s the fun in that…vaping is a hobby, make it interesting, who knows what you’ll come up with, just because someone says this doesn’t go with that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it for yourself…YOU might like it…it’s all subjective my friend and it’s not a particularly expensive hobby to experiment with so have fun while you do it :wink: :+1:


A thousand ta-da’s and jazz hands :tada:


All true, but something is missing.

At some point skills will need to be developed or you will find yourself with a lot of waste. Just throwing flavors together will work sometimes, but you’ll quickly find more failures than successes.

In the beginning DIYing was so much fun. 1 good mix in 10 I thought was ok. After a while you find yourself with boxes of failed mixes, then you know something need to change. At least that’s how it was for me.

Researching flavors and being wise about what you mix is a good thing.


And that’s also a very fair point. But at the same time, is understood and assumed to be the case, by those that aren’t aiming to become a mixer (in the literal sense).

They are simply here to feed the habit, for however long, either until they achieve the goal of quitting both smoking, and vaping, OR they get tired of the frustration of having a hard time finding the next random recipe that suits their needs/desires and decide to get more serious about things.

Either way, even after hitting the frustration wall (if they chose to keep vaping), they’ll already be closer to knowing what they liked, vs what they didn’t! And some clue about brands and percentages (albeit a limited understanding).

There’s always room for improvement, and learning, even amongst the most talented/experienced mixers!


Great point @Sprkslfly.

When I reached 700+ flavors, I knew I was in too deep. That’s when I realized something needed to change. Random flavor buying and mixing just didn’t work.


Absolutely! Single flavour testing was one of the best pieces of advice I received.

Time and research are what have increased my confidence and experience in mixing. Same with any other skill - cooking, driving etc.

When the fun stops, stop :stop_sign: (it’s a line from a rubbish commercial over here, but quite true - for me, anyway - if there was a Nobel Prize for mixing I wouldn’t bother entering :rofl:)

I kinda like throwing things together, but I throw together all the time in cooking too and it works (through experience, not just randomness). But then if randomness is what works for somebody else, I’m totes cool with that.