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Thug Juice


@keithju1 I am a huge admirer of your Thug Juice, I’ve literally vaped litres of it as my all day vape for a few years. I’ve just realised the recipe is on here, (hurrah) so I’ll try to mix my own rather than buying the pre-mixed concentrate.

You clearly share my taste for very strong, fruity menthol juice. Are any of your other recipes that are similar that I should try, or any other recipes that you would recommend?

Keep up the great work!


I can’t find a thug juice recipe by Keithju1, but feel free to browse/rate this one, (its a reminiscent recipe but Thug Juice at heart though)


On the recipe side of the site, you can click his name and it’ll show all of his public recipes:

If you like his Thug Juice (dark side) you may like others. Good Luck !


Thanks mate. Yea it’s a nice mix that one… I have most of my recipes set to private, but have a handful of Menthol based ones public…


@ManCityFC This isn’t particularly in your face, but is delcious and can easily be made stronger if you wish…


@ManCityFC same with this one mate just add more Menthol.


Oh my god, thanks so much for replying @keithju1 , I’m a bit star struck you even bothered. Mate, your blends are world class, and I sincerely thank you. I’ll try these ones you mentioned out, and feedback the results. If you could share or PM me any others that are insanely berry fruity with a Menthol kick, I’ll write you in my will.

If anyone else on here can point me in the direction of really strong fruity, berry, menthol, ideally without citrus type flavours as they play havoc with my asthma, I’d be really appreciative!

Again, thanks Keith, you’ve made my weekend¡!!!


This has been one of my favorite, not sure if the pineapple will be citrus inducing or not but my ADV. You could add your favoriting cooling agent at your fav. %


Thanks mate, really appreciate it. If you think of any, let me know. I’ll start buying in ingredients and let you know how I get on!


Could try using a site called juicedb.com to look for ideas in the same class of your favorite juices, its kind of like an IMDB for your ejuice.


Say, in the Thug Juice-Dark Side recipe…what does the WS-23 stand for? Thanks!


Ws-23 is ws-23 it is similar to koolada which I think is ws-3 (it may be ws-5 I can’t remember which)


N-2,3-Trimethyl-2-isopropyl butanamide


Physiological coolant in foods, beverages, tobacco products, toiletries, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Thanks @Grubby


What is the steep time you use for this recipe?


Cheers mate, I’ve never seen that site. Appreciated!


If you’re asking about Thug Juice, it’s virtually shake and vape mate, but an airing over night brings it to life.


Thug candy and beatlejuice can both be snv


This Juice I am inquiring about steep time


I like to shake and vape it but the pineapple is very prominent, and a 24 hour steep will settle it nicely.