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Times and batteries change


As time goes by the opinions on batteries change. With maybe the exception of the Sony batteries.

What batteries are the new hot topic lately? I need some new ones and not sure what to get.


its pretty much the same.

for high amperage sony vtc5a (or vtc6a if it ever comes out)
for capacity LG HG2 or Samsung Q30

For 20700 probably vapcell 30A gold

For 21700 samsung rules. 30T and 40T


No news is good news for me. LGHG2’s from day one and still today. Only 18650’s I will consider. Have never had a bad day with them.


Mooch updated his recommendations recently and his I trust.


There was a bit of controversy over that one a few moths back, seems they rewaped a lower amp capacity cell in the original gold wrapper. I have the disputed one and it works fine but did drain fast. I was issued a credit from the supplier after I emailed them.


I like the Samsung 25r. I did just order the Samsung q30s


For 18650s, Sony VTC5A is the best all around battery.



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Like minds think alike.


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