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Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners


After entering a flavor and clicking on search, I sort the list by Recipes.

This will lineup the list by the flavor being most used in recipes. I haven’t seen a case yet where the proper ELR name wasn’t used before the improper name.

Scroll down until you see the flavor and vendor that you desire.

Once that’s found you should change that flavor name in your Flavor List to reflect the proper name most commonly used if it’s not accurate.


Once you locate a flavor in the flavor list list you can click it and add it here at the red arrow.

Or you can type it into your flavor stash…


The struggle is real and un-ending! My OCD kicks in everytime I see that shit like that.


Is there a way i can see in what recipes of mine a certain flavor is?
Ive been getting an off taste in a few of my juices, its like baby powder or perfume or laundry detergent. Ive checked 2 of my(not mine per se, just ones ive made or copied) recipes and the only common denominator is vanilla shisha at 1%. So im wondering if there was any easier way to figure out which other recipes ive made also have that ingredient.

Of course i could just take note every time i vape if i get that taste and go check the recipe. Just wondering if there was a quicker option.

Also, thanks for you guys work compiling this comprehensive guide. Great job!


user/my recipes/search/enter flavor


I havent tasted any of these just yet, at least i dont recall doing so, but if u mean dry chalky and u like it otherwise, u can try saline at low %, .25% perhaps. This works for me w/ peanut butter tpa for chalkiness.


Thanks! I used that function before but not exactly like that. Really appreciate it.


Yeah, sorry, im not very good at identifying or describing flavors. I wouldnt say chalky though. Maybe its something else. I notice i dont immediately get this funny taste, but after a while, its more of an aftertaste. I’ll figure it out one day hopefully, thanks again for the help!


Thank you very much for this article. Very informative and has saved me a lot of time. Also built instant confidence in being able to navigate around ELR and get to where I need to go. Quickly:)


none of these options are showing up for me.i can get to the flavor list but from there i dont see any boxs or anything high lighted.what ami doing wrong


The shown highlighted sections were how the OP shows u were to find what he is referring to. The sections of “boxes” appear after u enter a certain flavor.


I Agree! giphy%20(2)


ok,so what is an op


What is op in slang?

In regards to forums, OP often means “original poster” or “original post.” :D.Sep 15, 2012