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Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners


I love this site, it really cuts through the bs involved in this whole big world of DIY ejuice mixing. I find everything i need to make great juice that my friends and i love. Lars man you rock. I tell as many aspiring mixers about this site as possible.ty to all that put into the information on this site.

New here asking newbie questions

Awesome post - this should be highlighted on the front page or something - this is exactly how I use the site. After a few orders of “dud” flavors I finally searched prospective flavors and made sure there was a high-rated recipe I could at least try - and then make sure I had all the rest of the ingredients fo these “test” recipes too.


Very informative, thank you.


Oh hell, now that I’m learning how to navigate this site, I don’t have to talk to any of you. Seriously, thank you for the information. Looks like many a sweat and tears went into this and I appreciate it.


I first of all want to thank y’all for even more undiscovered topis, just like this one for example.
I started vaping in 08 quit smoking 1 1/2 yrs. Fell off the wagon. A few yrs ahead I wanted to"attempt" DIYing.
Well needless to say my first thought was to buy concentrates etc…not understanding a damn thing of how I was gonna make it work.
Another failed attempt, got frustrated back to analogs only this time I smoked, dipped & Vaped. Went back to online ordering pre made juices paying top dollar for , what seemed to be premium juices.
Mixing/ DIYing just wasn’t for me. I didn’t take advantage of READING & STUDYING ELR.
Never was one for reading the directions (so to speak) on much of anything.
So to make a long story short I started following YouTube videos,shows & for example “Fresh from the kitchen TVC” here we are 2017.
Decided I’m going to take the DIY art seriously, for real this time. So started reading the forums, not posting questions just closing my mouth and watching Fresh & some others. Learning how to truely navigate the forums and ELR and STOPPED smoking once again. But with lots of support from others and will power ! Lots of it. 4 months tobacco free now. And discovered/discovering flavor lists, Recipe ratings, etc… And now this, most popular flavors used in Recipes. Cap,TFA,FW etc… Specific notes at certain %'s. Y’all’s time and hard work for making ELR, Forums etc. Have and are a priceless resources of information and truely want to thank you folks for sharing your experiences, knowledge.
My second order on concentrates,VG,Nic. List goes on. I’ve got a couple of simple 3 flavor Recipes I’ll be working with, got a fairly complex(to me) one I’ll also making then adapting layering, adding too,taking away from.
Thanks again for allowing me to freely post without feeling like I’m the only tried and true serious newbie once again. I’m hear to learn & listen and probably won’t hesitate when I have a question when I get stuck.


Excellent job guys and girls!
Love the organization and simplicity of this topic!


A big shout out to Sthrn Woftam Amy and ummm whoever else put this together. Very informative and thankyou again


Very informative post thank you


I figure the majority of new users will never see/read this, which is unfortunate because too many of them are posting crap without a clue as to how to correctly enter flavors.
I would like to propose that this be mandatory reading for new accounts before access to the recipe database is even granted! (Hint, hint @daath)


I’ve never had the nerve to say it… TY TZ!


Hello my name is Mike and I’m new to the to the page. I have been vaping for roughly 4-4 1/2 years now, I am very passionate about vaping as I feel it truly saved my life getting me off cigs. I have dabbled in diy off and on since I first started vaping but have found that I am getting burned on most typically produced juices and do enjoy the creative aspect of diy greatly. I look forward to meeting many new people and learning lots of new things, and broadening my knowledge of the art of diy. Thanks to all for having me


Welcome Mike!


I just call it like I see it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


great tutorial thank you great job


Thanks for making it easier for a new DIYer like myself. Definitely going to bookmark this one.


Sir, YES SIR, read and signed :grinning:
couldnt resist sorry hehe but it’s an awesome resource for sure.


You must have not read the part about new users being flogged for sarcasm.:angry:


oops sorry, Id drop and do 20 but i wouldn’t get back up i am afraid :laughing:


Thanks for the good advice on the Database.
Im am new here and looking around, seems to be a good and friendly place.

I am asking myself how the database can work if the flavors/brands are not used homogenous. For example
(SolubArome) vs (SOLUB)
(RF SC) vs (SC) (Real Flavors)
and so on.

As far as i see searching for 27 Bears will result in 4 different flavors
with different recipes connected.

All flavors above seem to have different numbers,

So how to enter the the data (Flavor name and manufacurer) in my flavors stash?


Sorry for the dumb question.


Yes the mods and users attempt to keep the database in line but it is a huge task

Select the one with the most recipes is generally the best bet