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Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water


I’m wading in…

…picked up my Smok X Cube II today and I am very happy with it so far. I also received my Titanium wire yesterday from fasttech; so I built a dual-coil setup in my Velocity and another dual in my 13 Heavens.

Here is the wire I purchased:

I purchased the Ti upgrade via the app and updated the Smok to the newest firmware (1.92.) The Velocity I did 8 wraps of 24g Ti. I did 6 wraps in the 13 Heavens. They came out at .16 and .15 respectively. No, not deep water area, but I will wade in a little more with subsequent builds.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted advice about Ti in this and other threads, I really appreciate it.



Is this your first build with Ti? If so, how does it compare to previous builds?


Just ordered some .6mm Ti Grade1 to get into some deep water. Lol.

So far in the past week I’ve used a .32ohm build and my current .14ohm dual coil 26g build.

I’ve still been building wires in drippers but not nearly as frequently as I was.

Ti definately kicks ass for flavour.



Yes this was my first Ti build and I’m happy with the results so far. I have limited experience with Kanthal builds because my previous mod only supported a minimum of .3 Ohms and wasn’t TC, so I have very little to compare.

These Ti builds I’ve done were 26g Ti, 2.5mm ID, .16 resistance, and I am currently vaping it at 480 F.



A little read for you.

This talks about .4mmTi wrapped in 32gNm80 as a Clapton working with TC.

Hmmm interesting.



My thinking it’s not always the clapton build that’s the problem. Some older TC mods don’t read contact coils in TC. I had so many problems that I quit making claptons and contact coils. I may try it again to see if it offers any advantages over my current set up. If it get any better I just might die from vape pleasure. I just rebuilt all 3 of my TFV4s with my new set up so it’ll be a minute before I try it. I really hate vaping anything but Ti, but I think I will give this a shot.


I might give some dual claptons a whirl tonight.

I wonder if the 32gNm80 is a must or whether any other gauge will work.

Especially so if using .5 or .6mm Ti as a larger wrapping wire will take up much needed space.

I might try a few different variations and see what happens.

I might throw in some .4mmTi wrapped in 38gNm80 tonight.

Then when the .6mm Ti arrives I could use the 42 or 44 to wrap so it creates a similar diameter wire.

I happened to stumble across that post when I was researching the Clapton coil deck for the TFV4 mini.



This 22g Ti has the High Wattage part covered. I pushed them to 200w on my Snow Wolf with no dry hits or any problems at all. I also can vape them on my eVics VT 60w TC and get a very good vape.

My 1 concern is will I taste any metal from the Ni80. With the 22g Ti it completely fill the deck with Ti. I did 1 with 7 wraps last night and barely got it to fit.

The clapton build will be more surface area… thus more vapor. I just don’t want to introduce any metal flavor to the tank.


I understand completely your perspective on that.

Might be an idea if you do have a go to only fill the tank with 2ml just in case you have to scrub the build.



Nickel wire will indeed give a metallic taste. You’re gonna hate it probably after using Ti wire…


It’s weird that I never tasted the metal until I started with the Ti. All those claptons and all that metal. I guess I thought it was part of the mix cause it was in every one.


You get used to it if the taste is faint. Now you are nearly comparing side by side so you’re gonna notice it big time. There’s no going back now dude. Course why would you want to…


Hey @SthrnMixer, I came across the same wire listed on Fasttech. Hidden away in the details section it states that it is 99.5% pure titanium. Nowhere in the listing did it specify the grade, however.

Here is a screenshot:


Thanks @Jimmer But I got burned once and that was enough for me. If I can scrub the wire with steel wool followed by a cleaning with alcohol and still there is discoloration, that’s not 99.5% pure to me. But then again, anyone can get spools and have labels made, so I won’t try and disparage the Vapor Tech name.


Got a ? OK got some titanium about 2 weekso ago from said supplier love the stuff but after a few days of vaping what I call good dirty juice flavor is great coils gunk up OK I turned the heat down and clean them in water just like kanthal other than the red glow temp control kicks in way before that at 300 degrees Fahrenheit I have been looking for a form on titanium I have also got Clapton 2.5 center that was working great till I messed with it that build had been cleaned multi times trying to learn all input needed thanks


https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1593257117600936 I have started a open FB page for attys and would welcome pics and post of how you do that have Clapton posted now although at present I am using 026 titanium build the Clapton goddess has left my build bench for now if any one sees her tell her I miss her thanks


I made my first deep water visit this evening. .08 Ohms. I noticed when test-firing (wet - don’t dry-fire titanium), however, that one of the leads got a bit orange. Does this mean I have to scrap the build?


From what I understand when Ti starts to glow it releases Titanium Oxide which you don’t want to be inhaling. If it were me (and it has been) I would scrap it. Is this a simple coil or some fancy twisted or something? I have tried to find information about this but so far nothing - I just have a feeling that doing anything besides a simple spaced coil is defeating the purpose with temperature control. If using in wattage mode I have no idea at all, but for those in my circles who are starting to use Ni and Ti I’m advising simple coils. If anyone has any science on this subject I would be very interested in learning.


I would ensure it’s not touching and that the leads are secure, the screws in fairly tight…

Not if you can help it, but TiO2 is not toxic - there are doubts as to the danger of TiO2 nano-particles though (but that is hard to make)… Vaping a coil with a lot leg is not fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell no it’s not. When I did it the first time I almost decided then that Titanium was wrong for me. Then I learned. One of the things I have learned is to keep coil legs as short as possible. Something about longer legs tends to make those hot spots appear - at least that’s been my experience. That, and making coils that are not spaced. Boy howdy!