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Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water


Maybe that’s why it is spitting like a llama at a children’s petting zoo!


So I promised to share my experience using the 22ga Ti wire build shown here. Let me share more than that.

First off - @Pro_Vapes you are a stone cold hero for sharing those nuggets of wisdom. I have yet to follow your lead with bad results, and thank you for generously helping us all. Change your moniker to Vaping_Guru man!

Now, I won’t presume to be a good coil builder at all. I get by. But the 22ga wire from Unkamen Supplies makes it a breeze. The other Titanium I had was very difficult to work with, springier than any Kanthal I had ever used. This stuff is extremely user friendly and if my old ass can build a coil with it, anyone can. But this wasn’t my first attempt. No my first one I apparently made too wide and the chimney wouldn’t slide over without touching. So I compressed more after spacing and ended up with this -

PV is absolutely right - this is just like a dripper. To me it is. And you just can’t compare the two really because of how low resistance it is - 0.09 ohms. That’s crazy.

Wicked and reassembled. Damn it’s a fine vape. I am thoroughly enjoying the larger size wire and the results that come with it. There is a touch more ramp up time with this gauge, but barely noticeable. Certainly none of that after-sizzle you get with a very low ohm Kanthal build. And at 470F temperature control is working flawlessly on the xCube II. I think even better than with the smaller wire.

If I were to say there is a con it would be that I suspect it will chew through batteries quicker. But if it’s not substantial I’ll never even notice - just not that anal retentive I suppose. So what about other toppers aside from the TFV4 with TF-R2 deck? Hmmm.

Well you saw I posted how thrilled I was over rebuilding the Dark Horse with Titanium. Again, more of everything here. Rather than the 6 wraps at 2.5mm ID I did 7 on a dual. Came to 0.07, which is just barely enough to fire on the eVic VT. But fire she does, and it’s glorious. I can imagine another RDA that is inherently better for flavor would be even more mind blowing, but for what the Dark Horse is (and never was :slight_smile: ) I’m seriously impressed.

Finally, I did a rebuild on the Joyetech Delta II RBA with 2.5mm ID, 5 wraps Titanium. Came in at 0.11 ohms. It can’t hold a candle to the flavor and vapor production of either the TFV4 or Dark Horse - not just no but hell no. What I will say is that in terms of measurable improvement with the 22ga Ti over 28, there’s no comparison. The Delta II performance is vastly better than with the previous smaller wire build. So much so it seems like a different topper altogether. This morning when I was vaping the other two I was enjoying it a great deal. The improvement was very noticeable after rebuilding. But with the Delta I was just shocked. Funny though. A month ago I was super happy with the Delta. Now…meh. But it is way better today.


Thanks for co-signing the build. The flavor improvement is undeniable. I’m very happy you liked it. I got a tip and I’m working on something new. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


I need to correct myself on my prior post. I was not using 28ga Ti before, it was 26.


Today I received my .6mm Ti wire.

I wrapped 2 wires in parallel on a 3mm driver 5 wraps and proceeded to unwind one coil from the other to get exact spacing.

(Didn’t take any pics sorry but will next time for sure)

Legs kept really short mounted in the same way as @Pro_vapes using either side of the post screws so as you tighten it pulls the legs in slightly more.

I bow down again @Pro_vapes .07ohm dual coil Ti on the R2 deck at 50J and 450F at present is just stunning.

Clouds, flavour and warmth.


[quote=“Jondamon, post:45, topic:30455”]
.07ohm dual coil Ti on the R2 deck at 50J and 450F
[/quote]I see you took the red pill too. Will we ever wish we had taken the blue?


Only when we realise that “ignorance is bliss”


I’ve been at 0.08ohms on nichrome builds before but this is another level.



OK, gotta question for the resident guru @Pro_Vapes:
When I told you I was vaping the 24g SS the other day, right in the middle of my tank, my build/wick started giving me dry hits/burnt taste…since then, I have rebuilt, rewicked and I am still having that problem…so as I exhaust my problems/solotions, my question is: can screwing this tank in too tight interfere with juice flow? Ive had tanks with that problem before, so I need to include or discard this possibility, as I’m running outta possibilities…I currently am trying a loose fitting wick and 70/30 juice, and its helping, but I usually vape max VG…
Please and thank you, as always


What tank are you using. I get that with tanks with small juice channels. Make sure your wick is slightly snug and touching the entire ID with fluffy tails making full contact with the outer most wraps. Wicking should sit on top of your juice channels and not stuffed in them. Max vg juice will wick slowly also.

CROWN SUBTANK unfrigging real

Thanks CMJ.The main reason I adore Ti (besides the flavor), is you get max benefits with minimal effort. This Ti shit is so damn easy. All a individual has to do is buy the wire. If I was still on Kanthal with all this talk about it delivering subpar flavor, I’d give it a try. Who doesn’t want to elevate their vape?


So very very true.

I can’t believe the flavour difference between .4mm @.14ohms and the .6mm @.07ohms with the titanium.

Even before I had used half a tank the flavour difference was noticeable.

The Ti also holds much better shape at this gauge too.

One thing that did concern me a little with my Ti is that it almost looks grey on the spool.

My .4mm has a little shine to it. The .6mm in comparison almost looks like grey plastic.

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and it didn’t get much better.

In the end I took some 650grit wet and dry paper to it to clean it up before cleaning it thoroughly again.

Very weird. I’ll wrap some coils tonight to show you as I’m going to be recoiling the billow this evening.

I’ll do a 26g coil and a 22g coil side by side uncleaned the difference in these 2 is massive as far as wire cleanliness.

Both from crazy wire.

I think a USC will be my next purchase.



You’re right… I noticed that too. I can’t explain the difference in appearance. But there is difference in flavor. Both are good, but the .6mm is top notch. My .6mm is a lot stiffer also and holds the shape a lot better.

I think the lower ohm combined with more surface area is what’s making a difference. I’d love to try a all Ti dual clapton build. I know it would be the bomb if I could keep it above .05.


At least it’s not just me then. Lol.

It only took a few wipes with the 650 to get that shine back.

Yeah the .6mm I was able to wrap the coils and bend the legs so that it fit in the deck level without much adjustment needed.

It’s much better wire to work with in thicker gauges.

Next on my agenda after recoiling the billow is to make some 22gTi Clapton wire that’s wrapped in N80 and make a spaced coil for a dripper. Maybe the Velocity, or the Petri v1.5 or PI2 when they arrive.



Crazy wire have 32gTi for order too.



A .4mm Ti core and 32g Ti wrapper might be above .05. I’m gonna see if I can get it here.


Surely with a wrapper even in Ti it shouldn’t have too much bearing on the overall ohms.

Take that alien coil I made using the .4mm and the .3mm wrapper it came in on a single at 0.08ohm with 3x.4mm cores.



I’m am completely talking about the TFV4 here


With the juice channels on the TFV4 there shouldn’t be any wicking issues. You need plenty cotton in the TFV4 to hold as much juice as possible. Be careful not to overpack the ID…

Contact coils my also give that burnt flavor too. If you have pictures of your build when it’s wicked then post them. We can troubleshoot with you.

@Jondamon has a different wicking method that may work for you.


I wouldn’t say a different method.

@whiterose0818 which deck are you using?

When I was using the TF-R1 with 317SS I was still experiencing dry hits with a 4 wrap 25g coil.

I put it down to the wicking.

Since switching to the TF-R2 with Ti and using the YouTube tutorial that @SthrnMixer posted about that uses the chimney cap to mark the cotton I haven’t had a dry hit since.

But that could be both the Ti and the wicking.



i have tried that and am currently using a wick that i used that method for (isnt that brilliant???)
i just wanted to know about screwing in the tank too tight…
i may have it figured out temporarily…
i just need some resolve until my 22g gets here!
thanks guys! time to shave some dogs!