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Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water


yes interesting idea a smoother surface should stay cleaner for longer. I haven’t used TI yet , so it really helps to know the tip’s & tricks of the different heating wires. thanks


I’ve got some 24g Ti coming in the mail, they were out of 22g. I was thinking of making a fused clapton out of it with either 38g Ni80 or SS wrap. Or is that just a stupid idea?


I also bought some 32ga Ti wire (the smallest they offered) and was thinking the same… curious but reluctant (Giant Claptons!) Maybe I can sand to reduce wire ga and shoot for shiny Ti Claptons…as soon as I have a couple hours to burn :frowny_face:


I wouldn’t say it’s stupid, in fact it’s a great idea however, the idea here was to keep it “clean” since TI was better tasting for pro vapes and others. So I assume, that you should build your Clapton using TI only since ss, ni80, kanthol probably messes with the overall result. I could be wrong, but that’s how I understood it.


This is the dilemma… I don’t want to use a “massive” wire for the clapton but indeed the SS or Ni will mess with the flavor and that’s why I thought it was a crazy idea.

Maybe just start with a parallel and see where it takes me.


Missed this one when you posted it @Pro_Vapes but I’ve bookmarked it now. Thank you.


This gave me a bit the creeps… I’ve got space for about 10 wraps, so

Messing with the limits of what’s acceptable as a noob… not a good idea. So I just started with a regular single wire coil. Certainly not bad, but not impressive either.


I’ve been vaping .05 ohm dual coils for 3 yrs on DNA Mods with no issues. 22g is more stable than the higher gauge Ti wire.


Welcome back :+1:


@Pro-Vapes, i had some Ti wire stashed away for a long time > 2+ years - and after seeing these threads here i decided it’s time to revisit that stash… my tests with Ti couple of years ago weren’t that good - and i moved then to SS exclusively - and was convinced that SS is the best flavor coil material

i’m now vaping twisted 26g Ti wire, 6 wraps, 3mm (i know i should try 2.5mm - will get there next) - on TC at ~500F - have to admit, there’s an immediate flavor improvement … wow, i didn’t think there was still room to squeeze more flavor and that i got my sweet spot made - so glad i found this thread.


Finally got some Ti wire, and am not sure if I have to clean it first, sand it ?? I’ve seen references to both above. I can take a picture if that helps.


I used alcohol and those metal kitchen sponges to clean it. Not sure if it’s the ideal way but it seemed to be smooth and clean afterwards.


If I remember I pull it through a paper towel once maybe. Hell I’m old grew up eating dirt as I played in the swamps and fields. I wade through chicken shit daily and spent a career wrestling drunks, degenerates and every other form of residue. I buy from Temco and never have I seen anything come off their wire yet.


I have been having a play around with this build and am enjoying it alot, thanks ( @Pro_Vapes ) Got me some 22ga and 20 ga for double or single coil.
Although dam spacing that 20 ga takes a bloody good pull.
Can anyone recommend a rta that works well with this and custards.