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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


That’s in all my tanks that I currently use. If it don’t fit I don’t use it.


I love it too mate. Its in most of my tanks but still got a cpl with ss builds in.
22g ti brings the best out of your flavour’s imo and I’m glad you put me on to it bro. Never looked back. :ok_hand:


@wvsanta suggested the 22g Ti to me this morning (along with a lot of other help).
I built with it on my Aromamizer and I think the 22g Ti was the key to giving me exactly
what I need.


Brings out the flavour even more don’t you think. ?


absolutely! So much so that I may have to use less flavoring in some of my mixes from now on!


hey buddy I’ve been wondering where you’ve been I hope everything is well…


The only 22g TI i can find is way high in price. I just keep looking


25’ for $10.00


Thank you. I just ordered some.


That’s what I use @Alisa. Works great !!!


you all were right about 22 GA clean titanium .06 dual coil 45 watts 390 DF pre heat 75 watts 1 second. dam Been playing with it for past 7 hours love my opus DNA 200 how do you power the DNA 200 down shut it off all the stuff I have watched and or read about I must of mist that part not joking ?


I can’t be turned off.


Thanks no wonder i was almost too embarrassed to ask lol


The chips sleep mode is so unobtrusive you won’t miss it.


I waited and waited. The waiting is over. The TI 22g is the shit. I will use this in every atty i can for temp control. Thanks brothers. And i joined MY VAPORIUM tonight. Great sight