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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


I’ve only done it to switch flavorings and re-use the coil. But if you do contact coils, I suppose you’d do it to eliminate hotspots…


Get the hot spots out one second I don’t care to be trying to vape it when the coil fails can look real good till it gets power and puff goes the coil. that’s misleading it just burns or and spits hot metal up the chimney and this happens quick only had it happen on new builds


Precisely why I’ve been doing all spaced with Ti


They will burn off too its like one little bad spot in the wire


That may well be true. Knock on wood I’ve not had any issue with spaced. When I first started using Ti with TC I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and jumped in head first. I was told not to dry fire them, so I didn’t. Built a few contact coils that burned out on me. Thank God it was only 28ga wire! I learned though. Since I started doing spaced coils I’ve not had even 1 hot spot that I’m aware of. So fortunately no one had to hit me in the head with a ball peen hammer for me to figure it out.


Sarcastic as ant we I let it slide before I really don’t care for it


Am I being sarcastic? I certainly wasn’t trying to be.


I had absolutely no luck with Ti contact coils. Horrible taste and erratic performance (and even one brilliant little fire when I got a little overboard with the pulsing). Might be worth trying less wraps and more space IMO. 6-7 each should land you right about 0.12-0.15 ohms which is OK for most TC mods (but check your mod’s specs and make sure I’m not telling you to build something too low for it).

Also, if you aren’t doing contact, there’s no reason to pulse Ti as far as I know. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s probably better that you don’t pulse Ti.


One thing I’ve read is people complaining about their wire being dirty. I wonder if people realize the process involved in making wire out of stock material. Here’s a video showing the roller process turning a stock piece into a coil of what is probably wire stock. Not sure, but the process of making wire is a dirty one, so whether or not your wire looks clean be that Titanium, Stainless, Kanthal or whatever, the advise to clean your wire before use is a good practice to employ with all wires. .

Here’s some SS wire processing. Regardless of the material though, all metal work is nasty business


Wow wish I actually understood that, looks like a lot of good info! Lol


Dude, had it not been for this post I dare say it would have taken me months to figure out on my own that wire needs to be cleaned prior to use. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Ever since you posted this I’ve made a habit of cleaning all wire, not just titanium. I have been shocked at how much junk I’ve avoided with a few seconds of pre-cleaning. Thanks man, you made a difference in my vaping experience!


Thanx @SthrnMixer… That’s what we do here… SHARE! That’s what make ELR the the ecig and recipe forums leader. @daath has put together an amazing forum. The more we share the better we become.


Getting 22g ti tomorrow and a Griffin rta… Now let’s see what all the fuzz is about :wink::+1:


You better plan on a long vapeout session. It’s gonna be like…dayum! That’s good! :slight_smile:


Prepping my lungs as we speak :joy:


Kinda like cramming for a urine test, huh?


Ok here’s where I’m at need help I have a Goliath v2 indulgence mutation RTA kanger sub tank plus just got some 22 gauge titanium it reads quarter hard. Pure Titanium wire and 26 gauge that i have had Ipv4 at present and 2 DNA 200 opus in my hand Tuesday hopefully I have not mastered or had much luck with titanium do to being a little hard headed trying to get a Clapton so I’m ready to surrender to my way of thinking it aint working .what build would you recommend with the hardware I have to work with cleaning the wire titanium can I use alcohol and scrub it real good what do you recommend for a build all input will be greatly appreciated the wire I got his from unkamen Supplies he also sent me a sample 26 gauge 3 1 7 L stainless but I’d really like to learn the titanium first I think I don’t know help


In my indulgence mt rta i use 22g ti 3mm id dual coil 6 wraps 0.06 ohm
Dont have the goliath and I’ve found the kanger can’t keer up with juice flow. Hope this helps in some way.


Simple coil and I can’t count boy I am having fun

5 raps came out to .o56 thanks for the help just got done going to try it for a while I have temp 484 F at 35 j any in put on power ? Seems pretty good getting better just set 40j 460 D F


Got mine sitting at 420f and 60j on the ipv4s. It’s a foganator. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash: