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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


I’m beyond confused at this point.
I just used a Georgio T. reference 4 minutes ago… LOL.
Need the JPEG, hands spread…
“Not saying it’s magic”


First attempt at TI and it’s sitting on my Mutation X V3. As a single coil it is coming in at 0.3. I haven’t put it on my Cube 2 yet because I don’t know anything about the coefficient and putting in the resistance and watts before putting it in TC mode. Will you guys tell me if it looks right please?!? :grin:


I suggest reading this topic for information about the TC mode and temperature coefficients on the X Cube II.

As far as the build, it looks good. Nice evenly spaced wraps. How does it vape?


Looks fine to me :slight_smile:

On the XCube itself, to enable temp mode, go to menu - Mode - Temp - Coil: Temp-Ti and you should be good to go. Coefficient should be 0.0035 per default :smile:


I agree with what @daath says… but dont be afraid to adjust the TCOR if you get dry hits. In my case the Cube 2 wasn’t reading accurately so I ended up at .00525 TCoR setting, but it was a dual coil set up.


Almost double… Interesting!


The resistance changed today. Now it’s at .07 and I was able to adjust the TCoR setting to .00425. I think if I go through the app and set the correct resistance it may be right at .00350. I don’t know if duals really matter when it comes to TCoR settings. I do know there is no way it will work at .00175. I wonder what goes into determining the TCOR of each metal.

TCoR Definition
The “alpha” (α) constant is known as the temperature coefficient of resistance, and symbolizes the resistance change factor per degree of temperature change.


Thanks for the help! Did I read something somewhere that said I have to put in the resistance and watts before putting it in TC mode?


Thanks @ryan8five0, I have read that thread along with many others about the topic. I’m not so lazy as to just ask without doing some digging first…lol Just not a huge amount of videos on it yet, tons of posts here and there but I am looking for step by step. Do I need to set resistance and watts before TC mode? I know I have read that somewhere. It’s been way to much info and I’m having a hard time sorting through it all. My ADD has the best of me… :imp:


You can set your temp after TC is set up… more instructions below.

At this step set the TCoR at .00350.

At this step set it at SC for (single coil) or DC for (dual coil).

If you get dry hits increase your TCoR until it vapes like you it to.


@Pro_Vapes gave a really good description on it with pictures. By far the most “dummied down” version of how to set TC for new users.

@Pro_Vapes I thought that the coefficient for TI was 0.0035? I saw the discussion you and daath have been having about the TC with the Cube II. Have you guys figured out as to why in Dual mode the coefficient is not halved? Seeing as parallel resistors work the same as these coils, so it should be C1C2/C1+C2, which I can see you have yours set at 0.00525.


Thank you so much @Pro_Vapes, i’ll let you know how the “dummied down” version works for those of us who need it. :innocent:


Long story to that.


BTW I have been using it in VW mode and as usual you were right on about the flavor.!. Such a clean inhale none of that fucky I just don’t quite know what that taste is…I am waiting on it to cool down to room temp, I know I read that somewhere as well…


Those weren’t my words. @ryan8five0 said that. I was a dummy for the 1st 2 days before I figured it out. My cube doesn’t read accurately so I had to adlib.


I know darling, just didn’t want to type a another msg… Thanks again for the help!! :wink:

Ok I have it in TC what temp do I set it at?


Start at 400 degrees and work your way up until you’re happy.


Done, done and working on it. I wish I could give you a ((((big hug)))), my hero indeed!!!


Anything for the Fam.


Holy vape shit Batman!!! This is a completely different experience!! Thank you

Holy vape shit Batman!