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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


When you get a chance reply to this thread and let the community know that Titanium wire is ALL THAT.

WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! :innocent:


I found this link about building and installing TI coils. Once again I am confused. I thought the coils needed to be spaced not touching. Will someone clear this up please?


Many prefer spaced coils with Titanium however it is not essential to do so. At least this is what I have been told. Mine are not spaced though I have been wanting to try it to see if there is a difference…


When I build contact coils I have alot problems in TC mode. VV//VW is fine… but I find it troublesome when vaping in TC. It constantly jumps from TC to VV/VW. Who knows somebody may have a way to make it work. I want to know what it is.


What mod, I know you have a IPV4s? I have no problems with that on mine…


Thanks to you both, that helps. Vaping is so grey, not one thing, not the other, always somewhere in the middle… :weary:


Hey has anyone built the single rba in the subtank mini? Hubby tried mine and of course wants the same experience. He has a Sigelei mini 30w, couldn’t I put TI in his subtank mini? Sorry if this is one of those dummied down questions… :innocent:


It may have been the Clapton Ti coils I was using with my first TC mod… that damn Vapor Flask DNA Chip. It would only work with spaced coils and everything I read said use spaced coils for TC. It stuck and I haven’t used contact coils since. But if you say it works then I’m gonna try it. Thanks both of you for this info.


You want to take this one @ringling

Just don’t build below the minimum ohm rating and it should work like any other. Hopefully.Just remember your only working with 30 watts, so it may not have the same bang.


Here is the plus to all this @Pro_Vapes. As you educate me you educate the masses, one dumb noob question could answer a 100 more noobs who just didn’t want to ask…LMAO Thanks for all you do, everyone that jumps in and helps, you know who you are!!!


You know ELR Forum is where your questions get answers. I can’t take all the credit… I was a noob once and @ringling, @JimK, @Ken_O_Where, @daath and a host of others answered all my dummie questions. We encourage, not discourage here.


I can not say the answer is a absolute no but what I can tell you is I do own a Sigelei 30w and tried using every tank I have coiled with Ti. The result was the same with every tank. The Sigelei 30w has a low ohm tolerence of .2 ohms. My Crown is .26 ohms, well above .2 and other tanks I own are coiled near the same ohms on up to .3 ohms. Every one of the tanks I installed on the Sigelei 30w said .1 Ohms and Low Resistance. Of course it would not fire. The Sigelei like some Mods could be off when reading resistance, don’t know. It could also have trouble calculating the resistance with Ti wire. You can if you want to take this further and see if you can coil a tank up to .4-.5 ohms approximately. Protections are built into the Sigelei to protect it from low ohms so you won’t hurt anything trying this experiment. If it works, it’s because the Sigelei is not reading correctly, if it does not work, no harm done…


Hi again. Was just typing at @quitter1 and he says Stainless Steel wire should work with any mod, in your case built above .2 ohms. This should be a very, very close experience to vaping with Ti wire…


As a stainless user I can attest that this is in fact, sound advice. Not that @ringling statement needed affirmation or anything. I love this wire. Its wonderful.


looking at and reading these last few posts, i completely feel like i did my first Ti build/experience all wrong…
if you would be willing to help, could i solicit your advice/help as well?
my biggest question right now is: which mod would be my best first experience to get totally right?
the mods i own are:
ipv4s 120w
ipv3 li vr 200w
sigelei 75w TC
snow wolf 200w
smok m80
i really wanna get this right and i think i could figure the rest out once i learn the first one properly
please please and please…oh, and thank you
also, i have:
Ti 26g
SS 24g
SS 26g
and i can easily pick up anything right down the road


I went from Kanthal & Nichrome80 --> Stainless Steel --> Titanium.

Stainless Steel was a nice upgrade from Kanthal when it came out, I use it in my RDA builds for my flavor testing now since Kanthal just gives off this un wanted taste to me now.

It would be amazing if Yihi or Evolv released a chip that the user could manually set the temperature coefficient. This would allow us to take into account the parallel combination formula C1C2/C1+C2 when using our dual coil setups in TC mode. All these TC mods on the market currently only take into account a SINGLE coil coefficient, which result in incorrect temperature readings when using a dual coil because the coefficient is set for a single coil. Also to my point here, one could use practically any coil in TC (not that you’d want to), but the option would be there.

I know the DNA200 is out by Evolv, but unless your into buying $150+ mods or building your own, there is no other option yet. I wouldn’t mind paying say $70-80 for a mod that has some ground breaking technology in it.


I would recommend the IPV4s. IMO it’s one of the best to use for TC, with Ti support built in. The IPV3 Li run identical to the 4s with more watts. But I don’t think you would need them.

Ti is my preferred wire, I also recommend it.


so in regards to using the ipv4s in TC with Ti, is it difficult? is it similar to the one you did for Kellyjo? is it something i need to be walked through? i know these arent questions you can answer, i’m just voicing my questions audibly/textually…
i guess what i’m saying/asking is:
what steps do i need to go through? does this unit need firmware upgrades? i tried the Ti TC once before, but i KNOW i botched it, so i would sincerely appreciate a walk through/checklist…
i honestly am not even sure of the things to ask for, as i am smart enough to know that there things that i dont know that i dont know…
so on that note, i ask that you are thorough on your instructions and i will execute them as soon as i get home…AND: i will remember to wash my Ti before i begin AND i will set my resistance, lol…
thanks, brother, i look forward to this


It’s very simple… build a coil, set your resistance and vape. Adjust the temperature to what suits you best.

The IPV4S is ready straight out the box. Make sure you read your operator manual on how to set TC and you’ll do fine. I got to get some sleep. 12 hr shift. I’ll check back later to see how it’s going.


thanks, brother
i’ll do it as soon as i get home…i’ll even do it on the same dripper i used the other day…
rest well and i’ll make sure to post a report