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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


This is definitely a new one on me. The only thing I can think of is that Kanthal in wattage mode is burning much hotter and very possibly burning off the leftover which is turning into this residue you are seeing. Other than that theory, I haven’t a clue. I know from my own experience I have not been able to go more than a 1-2 weeks without a good cleaning and rewicking. If I do it does indeed start to taste foul…


I am changing cotton every other day at least it seams to have really showing up lately now I am venturein in to new flavor supply but I just refilled my tank cotton looks good no black build up same juice but kanthal build and being Sunday I really went through some juice to day not a doubt in my mind this cotton will last a few days got me lost makes no sense at all


I agree, makes little sense to me. You should be experiencing better flavor with the TI wire, not worst. Let’s ask @Pro_Vapes, maybe he may have some thoughts on this…


If your kanthal has better flavor than ti then your ti wire isn’t clean. That could also explain your chimney build up problem also. You should also make sure you have grade one or two to ti wire. I’d like to know where you got your to wire also.


Unkamen supply think but been using it for awhile and just started having problems I could do a hole lot better job of cleaningyour wire


The more I use the kanthal the more I like it I never put any thing else in my Goliath v2 since I got 2 months ago but titanium did one single build with A1 bit just quick try retired all my other tanks as soon as I got the v2 I hope we can get to the bottom


This the same wire I’m using @ 22g with no issues. I do thoroughly clean my wire in a soapy ultrasonic bath. My only suggestion is try a very thorough cleaning and try it again. Most people has had a very positive result doing this.


That is were I ordered mine and up to 2 days ago would have sworn best flavor and cloud ever even seen post were a lot of people not happy with heat or flavor I did not have that problem the problem really started to show gunk up after I run my heat above 440 I seen your post about the wire ga you run I have put a 28ga core 32 GA dual Clapton titanium but did care for the heat of my Goliathv2 was reaching tank wise chain vapeing it I do not want to suggest anything but I all so have not been feeling up to par I am going to stick with the kanthal build for a few days see what happens and stay open mind ed as to why this is happening


I’m sorry to hear it’s having that effect on you. A lot of people don’t like a hot vape so I do understand feelings about that. I haven’t tried a Ti Clapton in a tank, but my guess is it would be a bit intense. I hope things get back to normal for you.


No it was a wonderful warm moist vape great flavor but had to re cotton every other day and clean the chimney at least once every day then it dawns on me if I am blacking my chimney what am I do to my lungs I have had coils gunk up in a week on my dripper or RTA but never the inside after cleaning notice black gunk on a paper towel after wiping the inside . I wish I new how to post pic the kanthal build I have been using is clean and so is my chimney on day three if I am not mistaken did you just get a mutation the new RTA I believe I recall a post about one from you. most of the build up starts at the leg and works it way on my Goliath v2 with titanium I am not knocking T I hopein to find out what I am missing thanks


I was just baffled because I’ve never seen Ti do what you said happen to you. I was just wondering how did you clean your wires.


Sand paper in a drill and wipe just wipe it no sand Paper with a piece of cotton in alcohol not even bother cleaning winde opps coil doesn’t seem to make any difference


this is cool found out how to post pic ok <img
titanum day one

kanthal day three this is what i was trying to ex-plane same juice


I can see the gunk you’re talking about. It’s been my experience that the juice usually is the culprit. If you’re using the same juice as before in both photos then it must be the wire. But I haven’t experienced that in nearly a year of using Ti. It’s always been the juice when I got gunked. FA Maple, TPA Brown Sugar and NET has been real coil gunkers for me. I have to question the cleanliness of the wire because I know clean Ti wire doesn’t produce gunk like that.

I use the same wire and tank as you but it’s never nothing like that. The only difference in my and your setup is the juice.


Well I just switched from flavorconcentrate brand name juice to cap and tfa and fw if I am trying to use juice that has not steeped long enough could that do it here is what I am using sweet tangerine alone 7.25 % total flavor and strawberry sweet ripe cream sweet Cooke Bavarian custards cinnamonroll ny chess cake in couple other mixes


Is this a flavor concentrate vendor?


Yes it is Same juice I have been using titanium since pioneer released the up Date never run in to this with my other juice never had my chimney looking like this I mean I can clean the wire better but did not happen before and if I use kanthal it’s not gunk in up now just filled my tank for the 5 th time to day all I know is I put this kanthal build in sat night and just filled it cotton looks good I will clean up some titanium tomorrow real good see what happens put a build in my kanger and Goliath see what happens thanks for your help it’s just frustrating


flavor concentrate.com makes there own juice as far as I can tell total different to work with long steeped time is 3 days expensive but good and small variety I just could not find any help with coming up with new mixes no one else uses it at 5.99 for 30 mil 120 38.00 not hard to understand why but total % of multiple flavor at 15 or below and some way below very concentrated there natural juice test 8 drops to 8oz of water and drink it made in NY US no I ant a sales person just like it that much and with this coil deal really miss it


I really wish I could narrow it down to something specific for you. I’m a firm believer of Ti wire and I was hoping to get it working for you. Good Luck and above all be safe.


Me to thanks for the input I am really in joy the rescpes I have found on this site and gained a ton of knowledge there is one I like to leave feedback on but don’t know how to find the post again I got the recipe like to make sure I do it wright it’s called snicker doddel I believe