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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


Great post Pro_Vapes. I received my Ti wire today and OMG! FLAVOR!!! IN SPADES! AND CLOUDS! I made it RAIN outside all by my lonesome LOL!!!

My first order was from Sweet Spot for .4mm. After doing a dual build in my dripper and saw how much of a difference it was, I immediatley ordered a 50ft roll of .4mm and a 100ft roll of .5mm off ebay. I did 2 coils at 12 wraps over a 2.5mm drill bit for a total resistance of .33 ohms. I am floored. I have never had my juice taste so good! YUMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!
Running VV/VW on my iStick 100w.

Peeps, if you haven’t tried titanium wire after reading this thread, you are really missing out on the FLAVOR.



VTC mini and Ti wire showed up today! First time building Ti, and I was pretty frustrated the whole way thru. Tried building a spaced coil, but couldn’t fit it on my Crown RBA head, eventually wound up with this.

This stuff is springy AF. :frowning:

Already wicked and ready to go. DMM reads 0.7ohm, but I don’t trust it, so I’ll check it on the mod once the tank base is freed up. I’m just gonna finish my tank with the Crown Ni stock coil so I can get a proper before and after sense, but man was this a chore! I hope it doesn’t suck.


Grrr now I’m jealous. My Crown and RBA won’t be here till Monday. :sob:
This dual coil Ti build in my dripper is rockin’ my flava’s though! WOOOHOOO


I purchased a coiler. It makes coil wrapping a breeze. Just wrap your coil… then pull it apart… then squeeze it back together.


Well put a Clapton titanium in my kanger 5 days ago and same juice no gunk in of the coil cotton still going good the coil was one I must have built before checked with magnet make sure it was titanium build I higher than I normally use .2 but it is working I believe it is a left over build that would not fit in my Goliath v2 from a previous dual coil attempt that failed


Well day 1 Ti TC was a bust. I think my last attempt came pretty close, but a hot spot was making the TC kick in or something, and my eyes are getting tired to see well. I think maybe I just need to call it a night a try again tomorrow. :sleeping:


A hot spot with a spaced coil?


I mean like when coils are touching.

Been working on it more today, and I was sure my coil looks ok now. But I have my VTC mini set to Temp Ti at 420F and 30W, and when it fires it pulses around 25W then goes down to 5-7W til I let go. So something is still wrong. :frowning:


Try building a spaced coil (no touching) - it’s very easy and the results with Ti is excellent!


I tried it both ways now. Even when I have beautifully spaced coils before it goes into the deck, once I screw it into the deck (Crown RBA) it all goes bad. :cry:

Gonna try one with fewer wraps so I have more room.

edit: Took it down to 4 wraps 26ga 2.5mm ID and it’s better, but still rather anemic. Temp protection is still immediately kicking in, but it’s only dropping down to around 8W. Progress, I guess? :confused:


My experience has been that problems with spaced coils occur for one of three reasons. 1. The coil is shorting to ground and is most always the outside edge of the coil touching a chamber wall or chimney. 2. The mounting screws holding the coil leads are not tight, or otherwise were too tight and snapped a lead, and 3. some other connection issue such as where a deck screws into a base, or 510 connection at the mod.

What else can cause a poor vape in Temp control? Well, when the wick is dry the coil heats up faster.The mod realizes the coil is dry and stops sending power to the coil. So if the mod is failing to provide a good vape with a full tank or wet wicks in an RDA, it could be cotton is too tight and the coils aren’t wet, or with a tank the wicking is done improperly and either a juice channel(s) is blocked or too long or short wick tails. Make sure that good wicking is happening as it will make you think there’s a problem with the mod if it’s not.


Make sure you set and lock your resistance at room temp… rda and mod.

Sounds like a wicking issue. But as @SthrnMixer states… make sure all your bases are covered.


I’ve tried it locked and unlocked. Heard that the firmware update made locking it not such a big deal. I don’t know. I’ve spent all freaking day coiling, recoiling, wicking, rewicking and got jack and squat to show for it. I’ve tried with an RDA to simplify things. I can fire this in watts mode and it seems to do exactly what it should. I switch it over to Temp Ti and it immediately kicks in.

I don’t get this. I’m really starting to wonder if there’s something off with this wire. I got it off eBay from this seller. Maybe I should try some from a different vendor? Do I sound like a little kid who says there’s something wrong with the basketball after missing a shot?


That looks like the same wire @SthrnMixer had problems with. I don’t know what he did with it. Most of us has been getting our wire from here…


Zig I checked my purchase history on Ebay and sure enough, that’s the same seller I got my first Ti wire from. I actually never had problems with it firing, although at times it was a bit unstable. It was more that I could never get it clean even having used steel wool to scrub it. If you get Ti from a more reputable source perhaps you’ll have better results. That said, if this is some junk wire and not pure titanium, then the TC function of your mod may be unable to perform correctly as it depends on the predictable change in the wire’s resistance. Is it possible you could get hold of some stock Ti coils for one of your toppers and see if they work? If you got just one for $5-6 and it worked, that would be a cheap way of ruling out your mod as the problem.


The wire I got looks super clean. No discolorations, no visible residue when I wash with dish soap and wipe with a paper towel. But it seems to have major issues with hot spots. Maybe it’s a mislabeled alloy that isn’t suitable for vaping?

I only have Crown and Subtank mini, and it looks like neither makes a Ti stock coil. I’ll try some wire from Unkamen. I’ve never heard a bad word about his shop, and though I really wanted the wire to be pre-spooled, the convenience of a spool is not worth the headache I’ve been thru the past two days! :disappointed:

Thanks for all the help!


Here’s what I would be interested in. If you’re using the Subtank mini, I know that build deck and you will have some very short leads on the coils. For Ti wire in TC mode, that is a major plus. It seems when you have longer legs on coils you tend to get hot spots. So, before throwing in the towel I want you to do this.

Rebuild your Subtank deck. Be 100% sure you don’t have any windings touching…completely spaced, and no part of the coil touching the base causing a short. Then wick it and wet the wick with juice. Don’t screw down the chamber. Do a test fire at 450F, 40 watts. Are you getting any hotspots? If so, stop there, it ain’t gonna work. If not, screw down the chamber and wet again. Test fire. Still no hot spots? If so and you weren’t before, you must have a short after putting on the chamber. On the subtank after putting the leads under the screws and tightening them down, you have to either wiggle the wire till it breaks or cut extremely close. The chamber is very, very close to the posts when screwed down and it only takes the most minute contact to throw TC off. If no, is it making vapor? If so, assemble and fill with juice. Fire. Is it working? If not, then perhaps the chimney is making contact with the top of the coil. You may have to push that coil down farther but not touching the deck. I’ve had this happen.

If you try this please let me know how it works out. I went through a lot of this type stuff when I was learning TC. If you already know all this and I’ve brought nothing new…then ignore me and go on :slight_smile: Perhaps someone new to TC will read it and find it helpful.


At some point I’ll give it a whirl. Going to be crazy busy the next couple days tho, so my Unkamen wire will be here before I have a nice relaxing evening to play with builds. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes when I do get the time tho. Thanks especially for the starting point TC numbers. I’ve rebuilt the subtank RBA dozens of times, but I’m brand new to TC and despite doing what seems like a ton of reading I feel pretty clueless.


Got the Unkamen Ti1 wire today. Wrapped a 4 loop 26g coil on the Crown RBA, have it primed and ready to go. Just gotta finish the tank out so I can put a new flavor in (my next batch of the same flavor still needs a bit of steeping) and then I get to test it out. I’m very optimistic because I wrapped a 0.08 ohm dual coil on the dripper using the leftover wire from the crown build (I like to think I’m thrifty), and it’s vaping quite nicely at 50W/500F.


my experience any thing above .11 is a waste of time even tho my mod specs read .05/.3 in temp work so much better down low. battery last better as well go figure i do my best to stay between .05/09