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Tobacco Extraction Using Heated Ethanol


Doing a bit of an experiment with another extraction. Deciding to go hybrid with a PGA hot/cold maceration this go round.

.5g of a locally mixed pipe blend tobacco (Virginia, Latakia & Perique) topped with 100ml of PGA heated to 150 degrees; stirred slightly to moisten tobacco and off to the cool steep closet for a month. :grinning: 9/2/16…see ya then!


Tossing this over here since it reminded me of the above PGA extraction which I needed to comment upon after the filter process:

I did two versions of the local Latakia, Virginia and Perique Blend; one PGA and one PG. The PGA version (even though it’s more of a pain in the butt to filter) came out much cleaner, crisp and vibrant. This outcome won’t keep me from doing it the lazy man’s way (Quick PG method), but perhaps for those higher price tobaccos which deserve time and care, I’ll spring for the PGA hybrid hot start/cold steep method. :grinning:



tobacco leaves arrived and waiting for beeing extracted. BUT alcohol with 96,9% is expensive, because there is a high tax on. Can i use 2-Propanol for the extraction? If not, i have to swallow this toad. I think the result with alcohol is better than with PG. More you get out from the leaves.

Just want to start this journey into NET and like to choose the best solution.



Stick with ethyl alcohol… 151 proof of something, if you don’t want to purchase a higher proof.

Read a toxicology report on 2-propanol/
isopropyl alcohol… it needs to stay in the medicine chest.

I have had good success with 151 PGA, despite what others might say. I just wrapped up a 6 month maceration process of War Horse Green:

150 ml of 151 EA solvent was used during the maceration process, then filtered and reduced down to 30ml worth of usable extract. This turned out to be one of the best EA extraction’s I’ve done so far; very pleased.


Just learned that I do not have access to 190 proof Pure Grain Alcohol (EverClear) in my state, so bought the 151 proof. (Man, this stuff is not cheap)
Question: Is there something that you do differently in the process to adjust for the lower alcohol / greater water content in the 151 proof?


Does PGA mean pure grain alcohol?

151 Proof is 75,5% Vol. -> 24,5 % Vol. water.

My research says, if you want to extract plants you need water too. The water let the plant parts swell up. Now the alcohol can solve better. That explain your good results.

My thoughts about using high proof alcohol was about less water in the endproduct.




Some folks get bent because the H2O in the 151 PGA might pull out a bit more of the natural dextrose in the tobacco, causing the coil to gunk a bit faster and making the extract a bit sweet. It doesn’t bother me that much, since I perform a wick change and coil burn on a daily basis anyway and I don’t mind a little sweetness with my NET vapes.

There are also those that say an extraction with anything less than a 190 or 200 proof PGA is garbage… my opinion is, that is not true. In short… to each their own.

If folks want to spend their money on expensive proof EA or go through the process of using 3A molecular sieve beads to rid the EA of H2O… they can knock themselves out. Again… to each their own. I’ll go the cheap route… I’m easy.

Yes… pure grain alcohol; sometimes you will see me and others refer to it as EA (ethyl alcohol) or Ethanol.


So grateful to you for sharing all these secrets. I’ll try both methods soon.
So far, I’ve only done the heating (about 3 times) + filtering (also 3 times) method. And, I’ve been quite happy with the results (better than everything I got from vendors). In the beginning, the eliquid tastes more like green, unburned tobacco, but it gets better after some time. I mostly use PG.
I guess it’s essential for me to follow your advice and continue with freezing. I will. Many thanks again.
Also, I don’t think I can get pure alcohol here in Thailand. I can only use Vodka, Rum, Whiskey. What do you think?
Finally, anything new in the extraction experiment?


Hi everyone ,this is my first post!This site is really good ,I find it easy to navigate .
I m just beginning diy mixing .
Does anyone have recommendations for the type of ethanol to use for NET ?I am considering giving it a go ,I live in New Zealand so should be able to get Tobacco leaf and ethanol.The reason I ask is I dont want to use any that has benzene or anything added .There is a good guide on Reddit by Denis Bouchard as well .


A pure grain alcohol (PGA) from your local liquor store should be fine to use. I’ve used the 151 proof “Everclear” brand of PGA for extractions with great success. With using a lower proof PGA, your NET will benefit from performing an evaporation process at some point, prior to or after filtering, to rid the extraction of as much H2O as possible; reduces the snap, crackle and pop factor in vaping the end product. Good luck in your endeavor! :sunglasses:


hey so this is an e mail I got

Ethyl Alcohol Reply
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Sun 10/06, 10:26 p.m.

Thank you for your email enquiry.

The price for a “Duty Paid” litre bottle of 96.4% Ethyl Alcohol
including freight and GST is $116.15.
The price for a “Duty Paid” litre bottle of 70% Ethyl Alcohol including
freight and GST is $87.40.

Denatured alcohol (with Methanol - Not Potable) is available at $15.00
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If you have a NZ Customs Permit or are a Customs Controlled Area (CCA)
the “Duty Your Care” prices are attached.

Please do not hesitate to ring or email us if you have any questions.

$116 NZD is approx $78 USD ,so its quite a bit .