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Tobacco Recipes


Two more things, and I hate to be a bother:

What kind of hardware / coil setup/ power / vaping style (MTL vs DL) is recommended with NETs? I know an open coil is one needed factor, but maybe I missed the other parameters in the threads I’ve read.
Can they tolerate the higher heats and Clapton coils, for example?

Is there a way now to clean the extract further? I mean, “winterizing” a PGA-base extract only gives a 6-15 mL life to the coil as you approximate. Would simple further/finer filtration add to coil life?

NETs and Wattage/Temperature

Oh, and what is a good range for PG/VG ratio?
Sorry. :]

NETs and Wattage/Temperature

I’ve been making some Nic Salt Tobacco’s for my buddy and he likes them much more than the closed pods systems he has tried. Here is one.


Have not posted on here in a long while but this one is amazing to me. Lots of recipes in the book have been added since my last visit on ELR forums so probably not the last post