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Tobacco Recipes


Two more things, and I hate to be a bother:

What kind of hardware / coil setup/ power / vaping style (MTL vs DL) is recommended with NETs? I know an open coil is one needed factor, but maybe I missed the other parameters in the threads I’ve read.
Can they tolerate the higher heats and Clapton coils, for example?

Is there a way now to clean the extract further? I mean, “winterizing” a PGA-base extract only gives a 6-15 mL life to the coil as you approximate. Would simple further/finer filtration add to coil life?

NETs and Wattage/Temperature

Oh, and what is a good range for PG/VG ratio?
Sorry. :]

NETs and Wattage/Temperature

I’ve been making some Nic Salt Tobacco’s for my buddy and he likes them much more than the closed pods systems he has tried. Here is one.