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Tobacco Recipes


About as scientific as I am myself with mixing.
I think I will steal your parts method. I have the single flavour tobacco’s in 30 ml bottles, it just never occurred to me to do that with complementary flavours :+1:
I’m sold, mixing for the lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
I enjoy mixing about as much as I enjoy cooking :nauseated_face: but I love vaping and eating :yum:


fa burley is more like cigarette flavor,straight with no hidden aromas. no matter if you mix 0.5% or 2.5%.it has the same taste just wicker or stronger.if you have a recipe that is tobbaco-ish and you want to make it stronger on the tobacco add 0.5-1% burley.
red burley on the other hand is excellent as a mixer and a stand alone.more earthy and more like a pipe tobacco to my taste.i use it a lot in all kind of tobacco mixes more as a background
i find them both useful for different reasons,and they are not related at all


It’s actually not as wacky as it sounds. The 30 ml bottles are tobaccos that I’ve already used and like. Same with the complimentary flavors. It’s surprising how many good combinations you can come up with.

I have to confess. I’ve never mixed any of the 87,000 recipes here. I’ve only tried to clone one commercial mix, Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured. That was the one that got me off the cigs. I thought that was the only juice I’d need for the rest of my life. Never was successful. But it got me off and running in my DIY adventure, and I’ve never looked back, or tried a commercial juice since.

I bet you’ll find some very good combinations.

Tank mixing for the lazy!


yeah that’s exactly what i mean i hope you don’t get me wrong because english is not my native language.check this for example http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1834769/Light%20tobacco.you can raise soho and use ry4d lower and the effect won’t be much.if you want the recipe darker you raise the ry4d,if you want it "brighter"you lower it.glad you like to play outside the safe zone with tobaccos.i also do this and really enjoying the procedure


Oh, no. I appreciate you sharing your results & combinations that turn out positive. That’s all very useful info. I agree with your FLV Red Burley as an excellent complimentary flavor. I use it often. It’s nice to see activity in a tobacco discussion.


I have in my mind somethink like old camel cigs. Like it was at 1999-2000 then they change it. I have read that back then they use Burley and Virginia and i want to try somethink similar. I know that it is not going to be spot on to this but somethink to can remind me this days. My problem is that in my area I cant find Flavorah tobaccos like Red Burley.
I have in my mind a recip like this
Virginia (FA) 1%
Flue Cured (INW) 1.5%
DNB (INW) 1%
and Burley?


Probable you have not smoke Shisha apple. I like tobacco with all kind of flavors like custard, honey, vanillia, brown sugar, cheescake, Graham Crust, Butterscotch, dairy milk etc. And I speek for tobaccos like Dark Vapure (Fa), Perique Black (FA), DNB (INW) Virginia (FA), Shisha Golden Apple (INW) not only RY4 double which I belive too that it is not a tobacco flavor.


I get mine from https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk but they don’t have a lot of the tobacco’s (yet), she added hopefully) :smile:
They do have the Cured and the Red Burley though.
The shipping is fair too and I think code POTV gets you a 5% discount.

Or from http://www.juicefactory.com.au they’ve got them all.
The shipping fees from Australia are very reasonable, I use unregistered and have always gotten my order.

They don’t have the insane fees the US is charging. Also the Aussie dollar is worth a lot less than the US dollar and that makes it a lot more fun too.
And did I tell you that their customer service is excellent? Well, I just did.

The downside of ordering Down Under is that you have to keep your order below 22 euros or get charged by customs. :expressionless:


I experiment with different ingredients in tobacco recipes.this one i consider is my best effort in a apple tobacco mix after a lot of failures


Steeped single flavor tank mix. Equal parts each.

SC Seven Stars - (steep 3 months)
FLV Red Burley - (steep 8 months)
HS Desert Ship - (steep 4 months)

Excellent blend. They compliment each other nicely. For the non lazy, I’m sure this could easily be adapted for conventional mixing at 2% ea or so. Maybe a hair less.


I’ve never heard of this one, what’s it like?


My ADV for quite some time.


I’m terrible at describing flavors, but I find the SC Seven Stars a mild mannered blend. A little woody & earthy that’s done nicely without any one note jumping out front. I think they got the balance just right. There’s just a hint of sweetness, a tiny bit, that says chocolate, but it’s in the background far enough that it took me a bit to identify what it was.

The Red Burley, that you’re already well familiar with provides the tobacco bite (to me). At this percentage, that ‘bite’ is just right for my tastes. It’s the tobacco note in this mix.

The Desert Ship is probably my favorite tobacco flavoring. I find it incredibly versatile, and well mannered. I use it in some of my tank mixes to bring everything together in a mild mannered package. Not sure if that makes sense. If I was stranded on an island, and only had one flavor to vape forever, HS (accept no substitutes) Desert Ship would be the one.


Here’s another one :grinning:


Lol, I guess some people have the gift.


Man. Tobaccos are a complex topic.

Been vaping/mixing a year or so, but never tried a tobacco vape.

Started introducing others to vaping recently, and one asked, “Can you make me something that tastes like a Marlboro”?

Told him somebody could, and here I am, now totally lost.

The NETs sound intriguing, but I’ll take a sound synthetic if it exists. Anything that will shorten my start would be appreciated.

Quick question on NETs: When you make a home brew, does it not carry its own nicotine content?

@Kinnikinnick @Skullblade789


A nice Burley/Turkish NET mix is as close as one will ever come to a cigarette like vape; synthetic liquids will always be a far cry from the real deal. Take away the combustion factor (and chemical additives) in tobacco usage and it will never be the same. Now… this is one man’s opinion. :wink:

I enjoyed many synthetic concentrates prior to my NET days, but none of them were truly like a cigarette… albeit, my brain, tastebuds, and olfactory senses wanted so badly to put them on the same playing field… it never happened. :smirk:

Now… the question of nicotine transference from the tobacco into a NET extraction. In short… nope; not gonna happen with our kitchen chemistry. You’ll need one of these and a bunch of chemicals:


Hahaha. Don’t think I have one of those lying around.

And thank you.
The tobacco can be acquired in a local shop? We’re In the southeastern U.S., so plenty of tobacco around here.
Anything in particular that I should look for?

Choice Tobaccos for NET

@vaug …made a nice new thread for you!


How very kind of you! I’m sure many new NET’rs will benefit. Thank you :]
Link: Choice Tobaccos for NET

Also just found and made notes on your method write-up from last year. Very easy to understand, by the way. Only got as far as your posts in the thread, though. Any more current processes than that to consider?
Here’s the link to that post/thread for others: