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Tobacco tobacco tobacco


can’t make up my mind with tobacco flavors.
I have the ry4 double and the Turkish.
the Turkish tastes bad!
any suggestions?


Vampire vapes do a flavour called Weston / Western that is pretty good otherwise you should talk to one of the NET experts like @Kinnikinnick @50YearsOfCigars


thanks but I’m ordering from nic vape


sorry it’s nic river, not nic vape


This is the best Turkish tobacco I’ve tasted, far superior to TPA

I see they also have Euro flavour concentrates. I haven’t tried any myself because ironically they don’t sell them in Europe but I’ve heard good things about them.

However, taste is subjective. If you like RY4 you might also like FA Soho. For FA it is a weak flavour and needs to be mixed at a higher percentage than usual.


I heard (some) flv tobacco fade. Is it true?
Having use by on my mixes is not something I want to do, so I have kept away from them mostly…


The cured tobacco tends to fade and I’m not too keen on their Virginia but the Red Burley and the Turkish do not fade. They don’t have Kentucky Blend at Nicriver but that’s another good one.
Flavorah does very well in the tobacco department :+1:


Hey Jose!:grinning: I thought I’d find you posting in this thread. I could really do with your advice. Been trying to make a decent tobacco-flavoured vape for my son, and I’d like to stick to PG-free (though no reason to suppose that he’s inherited my PG sensitivity, TBH). And we’re in the UK, so local supplier would be best. He smokes Amber Leaf.

I’ve tried several of the Kandi Hed tobaccos. Golden Virginia (which I bought by mistake) wasn’t too bad, but not great. He got along with that OK, but fell off the vaping wagon, and went back to smoking,. In the meantime , I mixed up some Amber Leaf (KH) and it tastes like chlorine to me! Revolting! I sent him away with some,anyway last time he visited , but he still hasn’t got around to trying it.

What if it tastes like chlorine to him too? Any better suggestions?


Unfortunately I have no experience with VG flavours. I happen to have Amber Leaf (KH) in my stash and I don’t remember any chlorine taste at all. It’s been quite a while but I did 5 star it.
It was PG based though.
I saw at your notes that you let it steep for two weeks. A bit more time might remedy the nasty taste.
Some tobaccos need 4 to 6 weeks to really come through.
Have you tried the Butter Tobacco from KH? That sounds quite yummy to me.
I’ve stopped ordering from just flavours because I usually only need a few flavours and the price they charge for shipping outside the UK is ridiculously high :slightly_frowning_face: so I’ve never tried it.

PG based it is easier. As I said above, Flavorah has a few good tobaccos. I forgot to mention the Native Tobacco which is also good.
Inawera’s Black for Pipe and French Pipe are also good. They are sort of similar to Amber leaf and I’ve never detected any chlorine in them. Maybe you do :woman_shrugging:


FA UK has a Golden Rollie (PG base4 but should not need that much), which I suspect is trying to reproduce Golden Virginia which is not million miles of Amber Leaf (at least to me, I find both of these tobaccos horrible to smoke)
Thought of you when checking rainbowvapes’ clearance items, you’ll be happy to hear it can be yours for a single Great British Pound.


Thanks! :hugs: I had no idea that tobacco takes so long to steep! You’re probably right! I tasted it too soon. I shouldn’t think the carrier makes a radical difference.

I think I’ll try that Butter Tobacco. Sounds intersting.

Ooh! thanks for the tip!
Yeah, I must confess, I used to think that Golden Virginia and Amber Leaf were the same thing, until my son told me off misremem bering which he smoked and buying the Golden V. concentrate instead. :laughing: Can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed roll-ups, so it’s all the same to me as well. That said, the vape equivalents are significantly worse , in my (limited) experience. But we can put that down to my own rubbish mixing, perhaps.


Smoking feel is hard to reproduce, I am happy not to really try.
That said, as long as you don’t expect a ‘smoking’ feeling out of it some of the tobacco flavours are great.


@grubby nailed it @Donz1


Also, you may want to try


to add a bit more of a cigarette feel to the vape.
(allegedly, I am just starting to experiment with these myself)


Go really light on the Black Fire to start. That is some potent stuff.


If you enjoy pipe tobacco mom and pops De javu is a fruity little number


DNB is a wonderful addition to Tobaccos. Low percent for sure.


I actually like the creamy tobacco or creamy nutty like VCT Cubano vgod.
I don’t like bold dry dark tobacco.


Maybe FA Soho is more in your ballpark then, very creamy. Inawera’s Vanilla for Pipe is another one you could try. Very light but tasty. You could add some cream to that to get to what you want.


hi :slight_smile: further to my previous post :you were quite right. that Amber Leaf needs a much longer steep than I gave it! My son and I both tasted it yesterday, and it was great! Only problem is that only my 20% batch could be found , so i still don’t know if I could get away with less than 20%, only that it tastes fine ar that concentration. Given the long wait until it’s ready to vape, I’ll play it safe and continue to mix at 20%. My son needs his nicotine, so daren’t run out. Much though he enjoys my fruity MF mixes, he reckons tthe tobacco flavour will help him keep off smoking better.

Oh! And we found out, by accident that a touch of Wild Raspberry (MF) works very nicely with that tobacco,

Must amend my notes!