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Totally Unrelated to anything


This has nothing to do with anything but so friggin cool


That’s cool have you seen this?


Cool. In the folder for “music I rather watch than listen to” :slight_smile:

Speaking of watching music, has anyone been to the ISAM 2.0 show by Amon Tobin? That was by far the most impressive videoshow ever. Unbelievable how this one guy dreams up something like that, and make it reality too. He was called “the Roadie’s Nemesis” when the show toured the globe…

Highly recommended,although yashoudabinthere


I came across this.
It is not what you call high-tech but it looks like a lot of work :smiley:


I’ve always been fascinated with the mathematical patterns in nature and how it is reproduced in music like in @woftam’s video so here is a little background on fractals for the :nerd_face:


Uhm errm Mandle Brats!


That’s a pipe dream


LOVE THIS! He’s building a second one-the build videos are on his channel.


Saw this at the Maker’s Faire a few years back, and it was really impressive!


reality is totally unrelated


My head just exploded. but only 15% of the exploded bits went through the mesh on my cap and of them another 15% went through the fly wire on the door


@SessionDrummer for you brother


Um, yes please! I would totally go to that show. People are so freakin creative.


I could only watch 10 minutes 59 seconds until I ran out of photons.
I am hoping to get a photon recharge soon and try to make to 15 minutes 22 1/2 seconds.


No worries …your Quantumly Entangled Doppleganger (named Nevad) is taking care of that …Oooo already happened.


It’s a walk-in Launchpad! Noice!!!